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Rip It Up (Live) Whole Lotta Shakin
Five O'Clock World Under The Boardwalk
Blue Suede Shoes (Live) California Sun
Vehicle Route 66 (Live)
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"Electric Sea"

Electric Sea
The StingRays play the greatest music ever created and play it with an intensity, energy and passion that keeps fans coming back to see them again and again. Listen to ELECTRIC SEA, this Chicago area band's first recording, to feel what fills up dance floors and makes people sing along. You'll almost see the zany moves done in tribute to the great early rock & roll bands. And, you'll hear an original StingRays song written by Danny Ware, You Gotta Dance, in honor of the music the band loves to play. Authentic, yet definitely StingRays, they drive Whole Lotta Shakin' hard, caress Under the Boardwalk gently and tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood hilariously. Dive into the ELECTRIC SEA. - $10 BUY NOW!

"Walk the Plank"

Walk the Plank
  1. Secret Agent Man
  2. Lucille
  3. Wooly Bully
  4. When We Kissed
  5. Time Is Tight
  6. What'd I Say
  7. I Hear You Knockin  [mp3]
  8. Tomorrow
  1. Land of 1000 Dances
  2. Blueberry Hill
  3. Bony Maronie
  4. Brown Eyed Girl
  5. Polk Salad Annie  [mp3]
  6. Thank You
  7. Last Date/Sleepwalk  [mp3]
Fans heard their first CD -- filled with the greatest rock and roll ever written -- and demanded more. From the first note, a head-turning flute that launches you into "Secret Agent Man," you'll run (or dance) to the songs on Walk the Plank. Be blown away by rocking instrumentals like "Time is Tight." Laugh, like you're at a show, with the humor of "Wooly Bully." Be seduced by the strains of "Sleepwalk" and jump up to dance when you hear "What'd I Say." And, hear soon to be classics "Tomorrow," by Frank Rowley and "When We Kissed," by Danny Ware. Now, RUN, and Walk the Plank. - $10 BUY NOW

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