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Netscape Shim
Al's Corner  
Al our drummer
“I always wanted to be a rock star,” says StingRay Al. “The Beatles came out at the same time my parents made me join the school band. But guess what? No guitar!” They did have drums. So he drummed: in the junior high band, in the high school marching band, with the National Champion of Rudimental drummers. After 26 paradiddles and 26-gazillion hits, Al played with a rock band. They played the newly named “oldies” – just 10 years after the Beatles arrived. Al played “oldies” until the music was new again, or as the StingRays say, the greatest music ever written. StingRay Al is considered the best “oldies” drummer in the city, but the StingRays consider him the best ever. When Al’s not driving the beat of the StingRays, he is literally driving. He’s a collector of micro-cars, an interesting contrast to his lanky 6’2” frame. He’s also a 3-D photographer.

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