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"Walk the Plank into the Electric Sea"

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Our new CD
Walk the Plank
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Electric Sea
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Reviews for Electric Sea

"You guys rock!!! We made a weekend out of your gig at the Mendota Corn Festival and caught you again at Healy's. We try to make your shows when we can. You need to start playing on the North side. We love your CD and play it all the time...in the car, at work and at home. Can't wait for the next one!!! We are sending a copy of your cd to Hawaii and plan to make Electric Sea the Christmas gift for all our friends and family this year."

-- Keep on rockin' & rollin',
Cindy & Jacqui K.


"I caught your show in Highland, IN again this year. As good as you were a year ago, you have improved a lot. I also bought your CD. I liked it very much. The BEST cut on the CD is the original song, "You Gotta Dance" by Danny. It truly kicks a___! It was great to see you guys again; hope to see you again. Come on out to our area more often. I will show up if there is any possible way."

-- Bill S.
Griffith IN.


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