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Dennis C
Great job in Schererville! See you guys in Portage in a few weeks
The StingRays: Thanks Dennis. We'll see you then!
Linda & Jim
Great time at the Croatian Club last night as the packed dance floor can attest! Our first time enjoying your music but it certainly will not be the last! (Educational as well. Never knew Bent Fabric is not merely folded clothes.)
The StingRays: Thanks Linda and Jim. We had a great time too! We're glad we could bring a little 'learning' to the floor as well. However, we're not sure we can present information more academic than Bent Fabric next time. That took some research. We're looking forward to seeing you. Be sure to come up and say hello.
Barb & Chuck K
Hey, StingRays, a good Spring-short as it was for us-at the Roselle Cruise Night and Jimmy's Char House!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb, it was great to see you and Chuck at both shows. And... don't worry, I think it'll get warmer soon.
Barb & Chuck K
It was a good Fall, StingRays with shows at Manhattan's (Halloween & Friday after Thanksgiving! Great song selection that were fun to dance to! Had fun seeing fellow fans and, of course, Sue! Also, talking to you guys!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Chuck, thanks for your friendship and support... stay tuned... 2015 shows are coming in... more chances to get together and have fun!
David S
Hey Al and John!
David Shamrock hear from the Rockin' Fenderskirts! As it has been some time, I heard that you two were working with the awesome Stingrays! I am so glad to hear that all is well. Planning to see ya next Wednesday! Keep it rockin!
The StingRays: Thanks David, we'll have a blast Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve at Manhattan's!
Barb & Chuck K
It's been a great summer, StingRays!
From concerts (Elmwood Park, Villa Park, Oakbrook and Westmont) to car shows Westchester-short-rained out, and Roselle) to a Block Party (Countryside)! We look forward to an "End of Summer" Parish Picnic (Lady of Loretto)!
The StingRays: The shows this Summer were a lot of fun... even more fun when you two were there!
Al, it was good seeing you at the Roselle Cruise Night (8/15). The band really sounds great!
Rick (Yellow Harley)
The StingRays: Thanks Rick!
Jo & Brad
Can't wait for the StingRays to play at our wedding.
The StingRays: We can't wait either! See you soon!
Jim and Jackie
We miss you guys sometimes life, just gets in the way.
Rock on and TCB
The StingRays: “Time doesn't take away from friendship, nor does separation.” - Tennessee Williams -- See you soon!
Chuck & Barb K
The last two Spring Shows at Manhattan's were ROCKIN'! Looking forward to the SUMMER outdoor shows!
The StingRays: Thanks guys, we're looking forward to a really fun summer with all our friends!
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry this is late (technical difficulties, etc.) but never did get on here to say that the Thanksgiving eve show was good last year! For the first show of the year on Valentine's Day at Manhattan's-Awesome! Welcome John and Al! Good job! Glad you kept some of the "fave" songs on the set lists and added some new! We also like the new look of the website!
The StingRays: Thanks Guys. Better late than never! We'll have even more surprises at our Show at Manhattan's on the first full day of Spring, March 21. Check out the schedule and we'll hope to see you there!
Cheri M.
Hoping you have a show I can squeeze into my schedule in March. Come April I will be (God willing) leaving the frigid Midwest and heading toward Arizona to thaw out. Hope to be able to say hello.
The StingRays: We hope Friday, March 21st at Manhattan's works for you... And, that we can say more than "hello" to each other ;)
Jim & Jackie
We miss you! We will see you when its above zero
The StingRays: We miss you guys too! I love winter but even I've had enough this year.
Little Jo
Love the new look of the website! Welcome Al and John. Can't wait to hear the new band. Keep rocking boys.
The StingRays: Jo, thanks so much. We appreciate what a good friend you've been to the band over the years and we can't wait for you to hear the "new" band.
P.S. You Rock Too!
Barb & Chuck K
This is late-but another great Halloween Party this year, StingRays! Loved your costumes as the"Star Trek" characters! Lots of other great costumes (darn, we didn't win -just kidding!) Great set lists, too, of course!
The StingRays: Thanks guys, don't forget to check out the pictures from the show... you're in there!
Barb & Chuck K
Well, sadly, the summer season is rapping up-and the last two were great, StingRays! First, Paul's Westchester Cruise night on Monday, the l6th-thanks for the "Birthday" wish for Chuck and all other fave songs! Also, at Our Lady of Loretto on Sunday, the 22nd-with great songs and had very much fun dancing! Thanks for letting us help out with some choreography! LOL! We already can't wait until next season!
The StingRays: We feel the same way... Summer's never long enough. Thanks for having fun with us this year. Maybe by next year one of us can practice our dance moves and join you two on a couple of songs! Thanks for everything and we'll see you soon...
Barb & Chuck K
Awesome "Rock N' Roll" Show, StingRays, yesterday at Greco's for the last of the season! It was good to have Mike! Great songs with "One O'Clock Rock", the MONKEE'S two songs and so many others to dance to! It was also nice having special guest Drew Roberts! Thanks for talking to us, guys, and Sue!
The StingRays: Hi Barb & Chuck. Sorry we didn't respond sooner. Greco's was the first of three great nights in a row for us and we're glad you had a good time. It's been a lot of fun playing this Summer with great musicians like Joe, Greg, Mike, Drew, Al, Irwin and Ron W. We couldn't have made it through the last year without friends like them with us on stage and without friends like you singing along and dancing.
Barb & Chuck K
Great rockin' show at Villa Park's Gazebo last Wednesday! Thanks for the recognition for dancing and singing, Frank and Steve! Good job, Mike and Tony on guitar and drums! Thanks again for talking to us, Sue and nice seeing the other fans!
The StingRays: REPLY
Barb & Chuck K
So sorry this is so late; but great concert in Elmwood Park on Thursday, the l3th! It was the first for us seeing you there! Great set lists, as usual; and had fun dancing! Thanks for talking to us, after, guys and thanks, Sue for taking our pictures!
The StingRays: It was exciting to start the Summer shows at a place we don't usually play and it helped to look out and see your familiar faces. Thanks Barb and Chuck, hope to see you again really soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Awesome show yesterday, at Manhattan's, StingRays! It was great talking to all of you! Also, Sue, Joanne, Flo and Cheryl! Great job Greg and Joe! Very good setlists with fave songs that we had fun dancing to!
The StingRays: Hey Guys! We're glad you had a good time. We had a lot of fun too and you can see it all on our facebook gallery of the night!
Barb & Chuck K
Great Rockin' Show yesterday, StingRays, at the American Legion Hall for a good cause, "Wounded Warrior Project"; along with delicious food! Great song selections to dance to; and sounded awesome with help from Greg on guitar and Nick on drums! Lastly; but not least, a very big Thank You for letting us sit with you at your table with Sue and fans!
The StingRays: Chuck and Barb. It was wonderful to see you yesterday. Thank you for the kind words, coming to see us and getting the dancing going. We don't tell you enough how much we appreciate you. And by the way, the chocolate covered cherries were delicious. Thanks again.
Barb & Chuck K
Just wanted to add Thank You for the "fabuous StingRay Prize" of a plush Santa Claus! Unfortunately, we forgot it at the table. Hopefully, it it'll show up at the lost and found.
The StingRays: You are welcome... and... We hope Santa finds his way back to you two ;)
Ron M
Hi guys,
Just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
The StingRays: Hey Ron, Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year back at you and the rest of the band!
Karen B
Great Pictures from Manhattans. It was my first time to hear you and I loved the whole evening. You posted my pic on facebook the last one with the bald headed guy Hugo. We will be back.
The StingRays: Thanks Karen, We'll be looking for you!
Barb & Chuck K
O-o-p-s! Sorry This is about a week and a day later StingRays; but great "Thanksgiving Eve" Show last Wednesday at Manhattan's! It was great talking to all of you and the "gals" and other fans, like Sal and Charise! Great song selection, as usual! So a belated Happy Thanskgiving! Will get on FB sometime soon too!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb and Chuck! Here's an easy link to the facebook gallery of the Thanksgiving Eve Show. Enjoy.
Marla E
The Halloween Bash was a blast! You guys are great!
The StingRays: Thanks Marla, you may want to check out the facebook gallery of the Halloween Show... You might have been captured on film!
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry this is late-but great, "Spooky" Halloween Show! First of all, we couldn't believe you chose to be the Blues Brothers, too! Great song selection with more of their songs, along wih the faves from Monkees, Beatles, etc.! Thanks for talking to us again! Great seeing the "gals" and other fans with great costumes, too!
The StingRays: Thanks you two, we had a great time too... check out the pictures from the 2012 Halloween Show on facebook!
Hi All,
Sorry we could only stop by for a short while on Saturday night after a wedding, but you sounded GREAT! Always a fun time with the StingRays!
The StingRays: Thanks Sue, hope you'll check out the pictures from that night on our facebook page
Barb & Chuck K
Great show in Villa Park's Oktoberfest! Sadly, it's the last outdoor show (besides Greco's patio). We loved the Monkee's songs "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" and "Daydream Believer"; "Route 66" and of course, "The Twist" (thanks for the 3rd Place Prize of Gold Medals)!
The StingRays: Thanks, but I think you guys won second place... we just ran out of silver medals! It's always fun seeing you two. Greco's on Friday, September 21 might be the last outdoor show this year... but then again, you never know... keep watching the schedule and let's keep our fingers crossed for an Indian Summer.
The StingRays show at Greco's on 9/21/12 has been cancelled
Barb & Chuck K
Hey, StingRays! We haven't written on here for a while (since July 15th-below) and as the summer season close; just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the show at Ruggard Gazebo in Villa Park; and Greco's last month! The last show we enjoyed was Tuesday, of this week, at Bloomingdale, with our favorite songs - one that you usually do, but was a request, "Rock Around the Clock"! We (Barb mostly) also wrote in FB too about the past shows plus the announcement about Bruce - again, welcome aboard!
The StingRays: It's always great to see you guys and we love getting your guestbook entries and comments on facebook. Thanks for the welcome note to Bruce and you might want to check out his new Bio-Page on our website... See you soon!
Barb & Chuck K
Great "Rockin'" Show yesterday, Stingrays at Lombard Cruise Nights! Great setlists with "Rock Around the Clock"; the Beatle's "You Can't Do That" the Monkee's "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone", Herman's Hermit's "Henry the 8th" and many others! It was good to have Bruce play with you again-good job! Nice to see other fans and Ginger and Sue, and of course talking to you, Frank, Ron, Steve and Bruce!
The StingRays: Thanks for the guestbook entry and especially for dancing! We were told that more people danced that night than they'd seen so far... and you guys lead the charge!
Barb & Chuck K
Great "Rock N' Roll" Show at Westcester Cruise Nights yesterday! Glad the weather held out! Great setlists with "One O'Clock"; the MONKEE'S "Steppin' Stone"; Beatles "Can't Do That"; Herman's Hermit's "Henry the 8th" and others! Thanks for letting us take 3rd place for the twist contest with the prizes and picture!
The StingRays: You guys ALWAYS are on the winner's podium for the twist contest. Excellent. It's always a pleasure to see you both. We put the winner's photo on your facebook page. Email us if you need help putting it on your profile like you talked about. Again, great to see you both and we'll see you soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Awesome Rockin' Show! Great songs including "Burnin' Love" by Elvis; "I'm Not You're Steppin' Stone" by the Monkees; "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis and many others! The different format of four shorter sets with shorter breaks at least yesterday was great! It was nice talking to all of you, StingRays guys and gals and other fans!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Chuck. It's always great seeing you two. If you haven't seen our facebook gallery of last night's show yet, check it out, you're both in it!
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry we're a little late with this guys; but great show on Friday at 8700 Club! We remember some of our favorites you played - "Route 66"; the "NO-NO song"; and many others! We're glad we could help you celebrate your birthday, Frank! Also saw the late spring/summer dates on your calendar - will post on FB as they are announced!
The StingRays: Thanks Chuck & Barb! Frank loved the card and already finished the Chocolate-covered cherries... We're also glad you had so much fun with Tequila! Ha!
Barb & Chuck K
Great "Rockin'" Valentine's Show Saturday, at Manhattan's StingRays! It was good to see and hear you after the yearly January hiatus! We believe we caught a few new songs: "Back in the U.S.S.R."; "Hold Me Tight" and "One after 909" by the Beatles?! It was nice seeing the "gals" and, of course, talking, etc. to all of you guys! Happy Valentine's Day!
The StingRays: Thank you both! It was great seeing you two and we loved the candy! Be sure to check out our facebook gallery of the Valentine's Show. I'm glad you liked some of the "new" songs; we'll have a few more in the next few weeks. Hope to see you then, Frank Ron, Steve & Dan
The Meteors
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Hope 2012 is a great year for the StingRays. (Ron, Tony, Tom, Sal, & Randy)
The StingRays: Thanks guys! The StingRays wish all of you and yours a very happy Christmas and a very busy and enjoyable New Year! Dan, Frank, Ron & Steve
Tom R
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the StingRays and their wives/girlfriends, hope Santa is good to you all, may 2012 bring you all wealth but most important health... keep Rockin!... (Tom/Meteors)
The StingRays: A very Merry Christmas to you Tom and all the Meteors. We couldn't agree more and so wish you all health because it's the ultimate wealth, and money too! the StingRays, Frank, Dan, Steve and Ron
Barb & Chuck K
A little late, but fun Christmas show last Saturday at John & Tony's, StingRays! We loved the Christmas songs for the season, such as the Venture's instrumental "Sleigh Ride" and your creative intertwining of Christmas with "regular" songs! Thanks for talking to us, guys, as always; and glad you all enjoyed the Chocolate-covered cherries! It was nice seeing "the gals" and fans, such as Cheri and Dwight; and it was great to see Drew and Pam from the Niche; and also enjoyed his performance with you of "You Can't Do That" by the Beatles!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Chuck, thanks for being friends and thanks for being part of our Christmas. To twist a quote from It's a Wonderful Life, "remember no man is a failure who has friends. Thanks for the Chocolate-covered cherries!, Love the StingRays."
Barb & Chuck K
It's a little after Thanksgiving, but great show, again this year at the annual Thanksgiving Eve Party at Manhattan's, StingRays! It was nice talking to all of you and the gals! Great setlists with, of course, "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" by the MONKEE'S; "Can't Do That" by the Beatles; "Shake, Rattle, & Roll" by Bill Haley & the Comets, just to name a few!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb and Chuck. We look forward to Manhattan's Thanksgiving Eve Show every year and we're glad you two helped make it a lot of fun again this year!
Joe S
Awesome fun last night, the band sounded great as usual. Thanks guys!
The StingRays: Thanks Joe! It's always great seeing you and JoAnn!
Barb & Chuck K
Great show at the new club/venue-8700 Club in the Carriage Green Lounge on Friday! Great setlists-those favorites that you know we like and dance to, like "Shake, Rattle & Roll",and any MONKEE"S and more! Thanks again for talking to us, guys and gals! Thanks for adding our entries from the 21st& 27th!
The StingRays: Thanks, we had a lot of fun too. We're playing a lot of new places this Fall and it's so nice to see friends. See you again soon.
Barb & Chuck K
First of all, we like the added characture of Steve on the first page of your website! Next, sorry this is late; but great show in Westchester for the Cruise Night Monday! Thanks so much for the "birthday" shout out for Chuck! Had a great time-but had to leave by 9:15 for the "during the week commitment"; plus it was getting a little chilly! Nice seeing the other fans! The "patriotic fan" WAS a "faulous Stingray prize"! Thanks for it too! We'll have to get on the FB Page-pus Barb just saw added dates in October and November on the calendar!
9/27/11 - Thanks again, StingRays for the "Birthday" song for Chuck at the Westchester Cruise Night last week! The rest of the songs on the setlist were great too! Thanks for the card, Diana and Gloria! I (Barb) did try to post this last week; but was never posted.
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Chuck. We apologize to you, Diana and Gloria for being so slow in adding your first guestbook entry (we've combined both of your entrys above). It's always great seeing you two and it's especially cool that we could help celebrate Chuck's birthday with him. We are also glad that Steve is finally up and moving on the StingRays front page... and thanks for noticing that we have some new clubs coming up, we're pretty excited about all of it!
Dave S
You guys put on a great show at Divine Savior. We were there Saturday night. You had us all singing and remembering those golden oldies. You guys grew up into the band I always wanted to be a part of. Thanks for helping me live out a dream, because in my mind I was on stage playing drums for you. ROCK ON
The StingRays: Thank you so much. You captured exactly how we feel about playing this music. It was always our dream and we feel very fortunate to be playing and fortunate that you and others are right there playing with us. ROCK ON right back at you.
Barb & Chuck K
Great show at Greco's last night, StingRays! (Sadly it's your last one of the season). You know our favorite songs/artists:MONKEES' "Daydream Believer" and "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone"; the Beatles' "You Can't Do That" among others! It was nice talking to you guys (and gals) as always; and the other fans!
The StingRays: Thanks! What a great way to end our Greco's season, surrounded by friends with not even standing room left! Thanks again you two and everyone that made last night great!
Diane K
See ya at Greco's tonight 8/26/11. We are Dancingdi & friends that have line danced to you and danced in general. We prmoted you to our friends and we see how many come. Dancingdi
The StingRays: Thanks so much... The weather is going to be beautiful... perfect for a line dance or two... or three..?
Barb & Chuck K
Just letting you know what a great time I had at Ruggard Gazebo in Villa Park Wednesday night! Thanks for talking to me! As I had said, Chuck wasn't feeling well.
The StingRays: Barb you're a trooper! 100° and still dancing! Tell Chuck we hope he feels better soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry this is a day late; but thanks, guys, for a fun night at Greco's Friday, with the "Happy Anniversary" (Elvis Style) dedication song to us!! We enjoyed the other favorites, too; such as, "Shake, Rattle and Roll"! It was nice seeing Ron and Tom from the Meteors, too! Thanks for talking to us too, Stingrays and Sue and Ginger!
The StingRays: Watching you two dance and get excited made our night. We're touched that you started your anniversary celebration with us. Congratulations on 20 years (is it OK to put that in print? ha-ha). We hope we can catch you on Wednesday as well. Wonderful seeing you both. Frank, Dan, Steve & Ron.
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry this is later than I (Barb) wanted it to be; but a "Rockin' Good Time" at Westchester Car Show Monday night! Great set lists with our favorites (which you know)! Sorry we had to leave early; but we had a church thing called "Adoration Chapel" for the l0:00-ll:00 hour; and it takes half an hour to get to Lombard (9:15-9:45) in order to get to the church in Villa Park l5 minutes away. We'll explain further in person; and will see about Sunday - but are pretty sure about Greco's on July 8th!
The StingRays: It was terrific seeing the two of you too. When you start dancing, the whole place starts jumping. We loved that Chuck wore his StingRays t-shirt. Next time we'll have to get a picture. Thanks for coming out and we'll see you soon.
Maureen & Lee
We enjoy seeing you guys as much as possible!! Saw you at Greco's and had a blast. Then Lee saw you in Westchester at the car show!! Keep Rockin'!!
The StingRays: It's always great seeing you two. Did you see yourselves in the StingRays facebook gallery from the night at Greco's?
Pat S
Hey your new guy is GREAT! I know he'll be a great asset to your already great band. Can't wait to see a performance. Good luck Steve.
The StingRays: Thanks Pat, we think Steve is a great addition too! Check out our schedule and we'll see you soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Great show last night at Manhattan's, StingRays! Great talking to all of you guys (& gals) and other fans! Great set list again! Some that we didn't mention last time "You're Sixteen" (now with Steve being able to play & sing it)! Of course, "Shake, Rattle & Roll"; and the Monkees, Beatles; "Tequila" and "Mustang Sally"! Nice birthday celebration for the two gals; and congratulations Danny & Janet!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Chuck, it's always great seeing you two. We're keeping busy this month, rehearsing for our Summer shows... it's going to be a really fun Summer! See you soon...
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry this is so late - just didn't get on here; and had intentions to go on Facebook; but had issues with it - will check on it again. Just wanted to let you know what a great show you put on at Rolling Lanes Friday, the l5th! Enoyed the new songs you could do with Steve! Nice talking to all of you guys and gals! Happy Easter!
The StingRays: It was good seeing you two last week. We have a gallery up on facebook with Chuck in few pictures and both of you in at least one... As you can see we had fun at Rolling Lanes too. Thanks again for the candy eggs... they were great! Have a Happy Easter, keep warm and we'll see you again real soon.
Lil Jo
Great show last night at Manhattans boys. You guys rocked the place once again. And so nice to see the band has a new keyboard player. Welcome aboard Steve. You were great. Awesome playing and you can sing too! And new songs! I was thrilled to be a part of it last night.
The StingRays: Joann we were thrilled you could be there. You've been such a good friend over the years we really appreciate it.
Barb & Chuck K
Just checked in here now; and thought I'd write again-Great pics from New Year's Eve! Sorry we missed it; but we had other plans. We are looking at the February dates-and not sure which one(s) we'll go to-We haven't been at Rolling Lanes for awhile; and it's close to Valentine's Day... and the 26th is around Frank's B-day..!
The StingRays: We missed you guys for New Year's... but February is right around the corner! There's no real Valentine Show this year but that's OK, it means we'll have even more fun on the other February holiday (Frank's Birthday) Ha!
I have yet to hear you play but hope to see you at Manhattans in Feb. Just wondering if you have the instrumental "Sting Ray" (made popular by the Routers in the early 60) as part of your play list? (I still have the 45 of that)
The StingRays: Hi Ken, Right now "Sting Ray" is not on our songlist but we always appreciate song suggestions and who knows, it might be by February 18, 2011, when we play Manhattan's again. Hope to see you then!
Hey!!! Saw you guys at the Mt. Prospect outdoor event, you guys sound great and me and my wife enjoyed the music. Have to get ready for four shows coming up in Feb and I hope to see you guys again.
The StingRays: Thanks Bob, February will be here before you know it, so see you then!
Heard from a friend that you guys are Great, can't wait till February when you appear at the Manhattan Club in Carol Stream, IL
The StingRays: Nice to hear from you and please thank your friend. We'll be at Manhattan's on Friday, February 18, 2011. See you then!
Another Rocking New Years Eve with the boys! Thanks guys for taking out 2010 and bringing in 2011. Again you had the place packed! Happy New Year to you all.
The StingRays: Thanks Jo, if you weren't there we couldn't have brought in 2011, it would have stayed wrapped up in it's box! Happy New Year!
Jim and Jackie
Happy Holidays! We miss you all, hope to see you all soon!
The StingRays: We miss you too! And we're really impressed by the thought that this greeting came all the way from California!
The Meteors
Happy Holidays from The Meteors to The StingRays! - We hope you have great success in 2011! We truely appreciate your friendship! "Rock-on" Ron, Tony, Tom, Sal, & Randy
The StingRays: Thank you and we wish all of you health, happiness and prosperity in 2011.
Jerry and The Renditions
It was real nice to see Frank and Ron Sat night. I just want to wish The Stingrays Happy Holidays, and the best of luck for the New Year.
The StingRays: Thanks Jerry, it's always great seeing you and the band too. Happy Holidays and a prosperous year and happiness!
Happy Holidays To Everyone
The StingRays: And a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to you!
Barb & Chuck K
Awesome Thanksgiving Eve Show Wednesday night at Manhattan's, guys! Especially loved the MONKEE'S "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone" with Drew singing the lead; and the Beatle's numbers! Thanks for signing the poster! Will visit FB, Too!
The StingRays: Thanks, always great seeing you two. And, the first picture of the Thanksgiving Eve show is on our facebook page
Phil T
Please put me on your mailing and ad list. We love your music and dancing to it.
The StingRays: Hi Phil, we've put you on the StingRay mailing list. Besides our website and email updates, you can check in with us on facebook, just go to www.facebook.com/thestingrays
Dianne B
I would love to be on your mailing list
The StingRays: Hi Dianne, we've put you on the StingRay mailing list. Besides our website and email updates, you can check in with us on facebook, just go to www.facebook.com/thestingrays
Looking forward to seeing you at the lanes this friday! You guys are just "the break" i need!
The StingRays: It's always fun seeing you Tracy, and playing the Lanes!
Lil Jo
Great Halloween show last night at Manhattans. As always, you boys had the house rocking!! Loved the Reggae thing!
The StingRays: Thanks, and you're the only one we know that looks good as Tinker Bell and Peter Pan! Nice costume!
Barb & Chuck K
It was great sitting with the Stingray gals (at Rolling Lanes in September); great setlist; and nice having the keyboardist Danny B.
The StingRays: Thanks Chuck and Barb, it was a fun night and we want to thank Danny B for doing such a great job.
Barb & Chuck K
Thanks guys for the Ha-a-py B-b-irthday to Chuck! It was great talking to you, Danny before the show, Ron and Frank (when we asked you about the birthday song) at break and Drew, after the show! Nice talking to the "Stingray gals", too, especially Sue (thanks for putting the note up)! Great songs; and Drew added great vocals and guitar/harmonica playing!
The StingRays: Chuck and Barb, we always feel good when you two come out. And, we really appreciate that Chuck chose to spend his birthday with us. See you again soon.
Cheri M
Markapalooza was quite a show and I am sure everyone had a wonderful time reliving memories of Mark. You guys of course were great, Danny I could tell you were having the time of your life. Looking forward to seeing you after vacation.
The StingRays: Thanks Cheri. Wonderful is the only word that comes to mind to describe the feeling of being a part of such an incredible event. I (Frank) want to thank you for your help during the StingRays part of the show and for being there with and for all of us as we did our best to honor Mark. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Great show again in Westchester! (the first time was at the beginning of June, we believe)?! It was great saying Hi to you, Ron and Danny, before the show, and the "gals"! Thank you so much for the "Elvis B-b-irthday Song"! It was nice talking a little to you, too, Drew at break; and Ric at the end of the show! Look forward to "Rockin' and Rollin'" in the future!
The StingRays: We agree. It was a blast in Westchester. Drew & Ric really rock, don't they? We're glad too that you celebrated your birthday with us. You've been great friends. We'll see you soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Another great, rockin' fun show in Bloomingdale, Stingrays! Great songs; and good to have a keyboardist for the night-Ric-to be able to add to the song "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis; along with "loose Bruce"! Perhaps we'll meet Ric in the future! That was a riot when you sat on my (Barb's) lap, Frank, when you and Bruce went out into the audience! I can't remember the exact song, now! Also, the "Tequila" song with the congo line! It was also nice to talk to you,Ron and Sue;and to say Bye to you, Danny and Frank!
The StingRays: We had a lot of fun in Old Town Park too. Frank sends his best wishes for Barb's lap's speedy recovery.
Barb & Chuck K
Well, another fun show at the Gazebo in Villa Park yesterday; for the second year in a row! As we had mentioned before, we grew up in that town; and are quite familiar with the "Concert Series"! Great dancing tunes, such as "Rock Around the Clock"; "Shake, Rattle and Roll"; and many others! It was great to talk to you , Danny, before the show, and waving to you, Sue and Frank at the stage, and seeing the other gals and other friends! Oh, and glad we were able to say bye to you at the end, Ron!
The StingRays: It's always a great feeling when we're asked to play again the next year. And it's also great to see friends at these shows. With a little luck, we'll all have fun together at the gazebo again next year! See you soon...
Barb & Chuck K
Sorry, Barb is late with this again - Anyway, very fun show at Greco's on Friday for Mark (Beatlemark II)! Great set list, nice prizes for the Raffle (we won the BEATLE PUZZLE)! We also took our chances at the "Split the Pot"! It was great talking to all of you guys (and gals)! It was also an honor to sit with Flo, her Mom and friend, Sandy! It was also nice to get to Greco's this month, since it was cancelled last month!
The StingRays: We were very excited to see you both and that you could share this night with us.
Tracy from Rolling Lanes
Hi Guys! I get to go to Greco's Friday! Can't wait to see you!
The StingRays: Can't wait to see you too, Tracy!
Barb & Chuck K
Happy 4th of July, guys and gals! Of course, it's the 5th as I write it - and will be the 6th when it's posted! But that's O.K. just wanted to let you know what a great show in Bensenville yesterday! Nice park and nice big stage for you guys! Great tunes; and thanks for the BEAR'S pillowcase for Chuck's "fabulous StingRay prize"! As we've said before, he's a big Bear's fan! He remembered the answer for Buddy Holly's real name; so he answered this time. I (Barb) kind of remembered the name of the song "Apache", but wasn't positive, so let someone else win something. We're glad you saw us form the stage, Danny and Frank; and thanks for talking to us, Ron, Sue & Frank! Nice seeing the other gals, too!
The StingRays: Chuck's fabulous StingRay prize wasn't all - you two started the dancing. It's always good to see you guys. Thanks for coming out!
Barb & Chuck K
Just to let you know what a fun time we had at the Westchester Cruise Night yesterday! A beautiful night, too (after the weekend)! Thanks for coming to say Hi to us, guys! Kudos, again to "Loose" Bruce! Great song selection! It was also nice of the photographer to let me (Barb) have the Lei for the "Fabulous StingRay prize"! I thought the answer was "Apache", anyway! Chuck was thinking it, too! Nice seeing the other gals, too!
The StingRays: Thanks Barb, it's always more fun for us when we look out and see friends in the audience. Thanks a bunch for wearing the StingRay t-shirts, that was cool to see. We'll be posting pictures from Westchester soon in anticipation of our next gig there on Monday, August 9, 2010.
Barb & Chuck K
Well, we had two celebtrations yesterday: The Lilac Parade in Lombard; and the Salvation Army's 175th(something like that) Anniversary! Chuck marched in the parade with an organization at church-the Knights of Columbus and quickly changed when he was done, and we headed over to the Villa Park Gazebo for your Show! Great songs-especially "Rock Around the Clock", "Route 66" and the many others! Great having Tom from the Meteors to fill in! Nice talking to some friends/StingRay gals and some of the Salvation Army people, when we purchased two bricks and got the hot dogs,etc.
The StingRays: We're so glad you were able to make it over to Villa Park. The first outdoor fest of the year wouldn't have been the same without you two.
I just wanted to thank all the StingRays for helping celebrate my dad's 88th birthday at Manhattan's. He had a wonderful time and could not stop talking about having the best party ever!
The StingRays: Celebrating Art’s birthday with him was one of the highlights of the year. We had a great time and are glad he had a good time too. We’ll see you soon.
It certainly was great to see you guys again... Wish it would have been under happier circumstances... Mark's memory will live on... God bless you
The StingRays: Thank you. And a public thanks to everyone that contacted us privately through our guestbook about Mark...
StingRay Frank
It is with heavy hearts that we have to tell you that our very good friend and fellow StingRay Mark "Beatle Mark" Eskin died yesterday April 28, 2010 at his home in Morton Grove. We have set up an online memorial to Mark and hope that friends will share their stories, photos, videos and condolences.
Visitation for Mark will be:
Sunday May 2, 2010 3-8pm
Grein Funeral Home
2114 West Irving Park Road
Chicago, IL
(773) 588-6336
There will be another opportunity to meet with family on:
Monday May 3, 2010 1pm
Rosehill Cemetery
5800 North Ravenswood Avenue
Chicago, IL
I've enjoyed seeing you many times at Manhattan's and various places.Your music was great to dance to and will be missed. My prayers to your family.
The StingRays: Thank you so much. We will very much miss Mark too.
Bob & Barb
Hi Guys, Looking forward to listening and dancing to your music on May 8th. Have not seen you Guys for a while, Bob got a new Hip and is ready to put to some dance moves.
The StingRays: Hi Barb and Bob, it'll be great to see you two at Ki's on May 8th. Your timing is perfect because we'll be playing some really "hip" music that night...
Jerry / Renditions
Hi guys, You guys sounded great as always!!! Sorry I couldn't stay longer, but for the time that I was there you guys were sounding better than ever. Talk to you soon. Jerry
The StingRays: Thanks Jerry. It was great seeing you at Manhattan's. Next time maybe we can get you up for "I Saw Her Standing There", you always bring the house down with that one!
Barb & Chuck K
Another fun show! Great song selection, like MONKEES "I"m Not Your Steppin" Stone"; "Tequila" (with audience participation)! among others!
The StingRays: You guys MADE the Conga line. It was great seeing you both. Excellent dancing out there. We liked the new dance moves (dips). See you soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Hey StingRays guys and gals-we're looking forward to Saturday's show at Manhattan's!
The StingRays: So are we! We'll see you there!
Donna (Gloria's friend)
I love the April Calendar!! Very cool. Is this a new trick? Or have I just not known about it before? Thanks.
The StingRays: The calendars are new this year... glad you like it... you can also print out May... the link will always be next to the month on our schedule. Just click "print" next to the picture of a little printer!
Looking forward to another fun night w/ you guys at the lanes! See ya soon!
The StingRays: We'll see you there!
Cheryl M
Hey Frank... ya did a good job subbing with the Renditions on the 3rd. Glad you could help out. See ya next month with the StingRays.
The StingRays: Thanks, I had a blast! And, we'll see you and Dwight soon.
Barb & Chuck K
Happy Easter (now evening) to the StingRays and gals! It'll probably be Easter Monday when this is posted, but it's still Easter during the week, right?
The StingRays: Thanks, Happy Easter! And, your reply posted on Easter... are we good or what?
Ooooh!!!! Love our pics and the others too. Great and thanks. U guys are the best. I think u should make mini albums of the special events and put in those albums pics of who was there and present them to those GREAT FANS. whadda think? I printed our pics but they don't come out good on my printer, that's why I suggested it.
The StingRays: Thanks Diana. We've got more pictures on the way so stay tuned! The mini album suggestion is a good one... We're looking into lots of new ways to stay in touch with all our friends!
Barb & Chuck K
A little later than we wanted to be; but thanks again for the great show on Friday at Manhattan's! Forgot to return the St. Patrick's (& St. Joseph's on the l9th) Day wishes! Thanks for signing the poster, once again! It's hanging up on the garage wall! Just missed the "Trivia". Perhaps next time?
The StingRays: Thanks, we had a great time at Manhattan's last Friday... Sometimes we get a little carried away and skip trivia... but it's never gone for long! See you soon...
Love the printable calendar! I have March hanging up at my desk at work.
The StingRays: Thanks, you can also print out April and May... the link will always be next to the month on our schedule. Just click "print" next to the picture of a little printer!
Barb & Chuck K
Yeah, Spring! We'll have to welcome Spring with you guys Friday (although it'll feel like winter Sat. & Sun.; according to the weathermen). It was so nice receiving the postcard and Email!
The StingRays: We agree, YEA Spring! And a happy St patrick's day to the both of ya! We're keeping our fingers crossed for no rain (or snow) Friday night at Manhattan's... See you there!
Barb & Chuck K
Great Show at Rolling Lanes, yesterday, guys! You're sounding fantastic with the newest member, Mark! Great solos of "Imagine" (John L.); and "You're Sixteen" (Ringo) of course! A big thank you for playing a MONKEES song - "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone"! Happy Birthday again, Frank! It was also nice seeing the SR Gals and Fans!
The StingRays: Thanks guys! And Frank thanks you again for the chocolate covered cherries... He likes them so much he ate them all and wouldn't share!.. maybe next year...
Happy Birthday Frank, my favorite bass player, well next to Paul McCartney that is. Love ya and see you boys tonight. Keep Rocking!
The StingRays: Thanks Jo, sounds like I'm in really good company! See you tonight!
Hi Frank how are you and the guys doin?.. Tell Mark hello my new colony six guy and please tell him to say hi to those guys for me as well from Darlene... Take care love ya always...
The StingRays: Hey Darlene, thanks, we're all fine... and I will ask Mark to pass on that "hi" to the New Colony Six for you.
Ron & Sandi
Hey guys we have not seen you in a while. Hope to see you soon. Ron how do you like retirement?
The StingRays: Hi Ron & Sandi, hope you're both doing well. Retirement is great, every day is Saturday! Take care and we'll see you both soon.
Barb & Chuck K
A belated HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, guys (and SR gals)! But a HAPPY MARDI GRAS (or Fat Tuesday)!
The StingRays: Thanks guys, looking forward to seeing you soon.
Sue N
I've been a StingRays fan for years, and couldn't imagine them becoming more exciting -- until Beatle Mark! Gentlemen, you ROCK! I love you all.
The StingRays: Thanks but... Just a quick point... you've been a StingRay for years!..
Lil Jo
Hey Mark, I am so happy that you are now a part of this wonderful band. What a great choice all around. See you late Saturday night as my flight gets in later than I thought.
The StingRays: Thanks Jo, you're the best... have a comfortable flight and get home safe!
Jerry from the Renditions
Hi Guys. I just want to say congrats from myself and the rest of The Renditions on finding one of the Crown Jewels in our musical circles. You guys have made a great choice to complement the rest of your talented bunch. I wish you continued success and hope to see you soon.
The StingRays: Thanks Jerry, the whole band is excited about the change and very hopeful for 2010. It's always great seeing you and the rest of the band and I hope we can all hang out a lot this year.
Denise K
Hey Mark! Welcome to the Stingrays. Looking forward to seeing and hearing a lot more of you. You are a great musician and I've enjoyed every time I've seen you play with the band. Hope to see you soon! Denise (one of the south side girls!)
The StingRays: Thanks Denise, I'm looking forward to the fun we'll all have this year. See you soon.
Linda and Kevin
Congratulations on Mark being the newest member in the StingRays. What a catch you got in that guy and such talent. Can only make the band that much more better. Play on for many years to come!
The StingRays: Thanks guys, we agree, Mark is a catch... and hope to see you both soon!
Cheri M
I also want to congratulate Mark on joining one of the best bands in the Chicago area. They were totally lost without a keyboard player, and the choice was a great one. See ya all for Valentines Day!
The StingRays: Thanks Cheri, you know what I always say, "you have to get lost to be found". See you soon!
Barb & Chuck K
WOW! Great news-I (Barb) just checked in on your website this late Saturday afternoon! "Beatle" Mark is a good choice! As we've mentioned, we did enjoy your show when he filled in with his talent on vocals of songs by Elton John and Beatles, as well as the keyboards, etc! We will probably see you next on your birthday, Frank, at Rolling Lanes!
The StingRays: Thanks, we're excited about this year with Mark... all that talent and a nice guy too! See you soon!
Tony B. Meteors
Happy to see you have "Beatle" Mark on board. I wish all the best to a great bunch of guy's.
The StingRays: Thanks Tony, say "Hi" to the rest of the Meteors and we'll see you soon.
Joe G
Hi Mark, It's me; Joe Garcia. I just want to say "Congrats" on getting the gig with The StingRays. They are a really good band & when Debbie & I saw you guys on Halloween night, you sounded really good with them. We wish you all the best & hope to see you soon at one of your gigs.
The StingRays: Thanks Joe, it was great seeing you and Debbie on Halloween... and I'm looking forward to see you, Debbie and the band soon.
Theresa N
Hi to all!! Mark, it's great you're now an official member of the band. Unfortunately, I can't make the next 2 events, but hope to see all of you soon!! Can't wait to go dancing!!
The StingRays: We'll miss you... and we hope to see you at Rolling Lanes.
Marge B
CONGRATS TO ALL! Markie you are a perfect fit to The Stingrays! I will see all of you on the 13th! Love ya'll! Margie xo
The StingRays: And a big XO back at you! See you soon.
Ed & Sandy C
We are very happy to hear Mark has joined the band look forward to seeing you soon.
The StingRays: Thanks, always nice seeing you and Sandy... see you soon.
Dennis "Big Bopper" S
Hi Guys!! I knew Mark down deep really wanted to be a StingRay!! My congratulations on getting a quality guy, and to him for making a great decision!! Deb & I look forward to seeing him and you guys soon!!
The StingRays: We're all excited. It's going to be a great year and we'll look forward to see you soon.
Lady Di
The StingRays: SYS G/F!
Joe L
Welcome "Beatle" Mark to the StingRays can't wait to hear the band again.
The StingRays: And it's great to hear from you Joe... With a Little Luck, we just might make it to your neck of the woods this year.
Alice R
Great news and perfect choice. Welcome my friend Happy to see you on board and that the Stingrays quest is over and greatly successful
The StingRays: Thanks Alice, we're looking forward to many more nights of fun with you and Rob...
The DanZman
Hi Guys! Great to have "Beatle" Mark in one of the greatest Oldies Band around. PEACE :)>-, LOVE >:D<, ROCK'N ROLL \:D/, & The Stars & Strips **== Forever!
The StingRays: Thanks DanZman, you really are the heart and soul of this scene.
Joanne T
I'm glad to hear that Beatle Mark will be joining the Sting Ray, He fits in perfectly. You all sound great together. Looking forward to seeing you soon!!
The StingRays: Thanks Joanne, it's a new year with new possibilities!
I have not seen you in years. Maybe rolling lanes in February 2010. we have line danced at festivals with you in Westmont.
The StingRays: Wow, we haven't played Westmont since 2004! I'm glad you found us again! See you soon!
Barb & Chuck K
"New Year's Eve" II (as you referred to it, Frank) was AWESOME! Besides you guys, it was great having the guests, like Jerry from The Renditions! Great song selection, having "Beatle Mark" helping on the keyboards! Thanks for the kaleidoscope for Chuck's "Fabulous StingRay Prize" - hope he wasn't too early in answering! What a way to cap off the show than with a champagne toast?! Thanks for talking to us, guys and StingRay gals!
The StingRays: What great way to start the new year! Surrounded by friends, playing with some of the best musicians around, we'd have to call it one of the best shows of 2009... even though it really happened in 2010... Confused? So are we...
StingRay Frank
New Year's Eve I and II were smashing successes! Thanks to Joe, Rob Roy, Jerry, Greg, Tim, Carter, Jack Flash and Jeff for lending us your talents. Special thanks to both our New Year's Eve guest players Loose Bruce and Beatle Mark. And thank you to everyone who chose to ring out the old and ring in the new with us...
The StingRays: Now it's time for our yearly January break where we take off for rest, travel and research... We'll be back better than ever in February with new songs, moves and ideas... stay tuned and see you then...
Lil Jo
Great New Years Eve boys. As usual, the house was rocking. Can't wait to do it again tonight!
The StingRays: There will be another champagne toast, count-down and everything... Tonight (Saturday, 1/2/10) will be the best New Year's Eve Party in town!
Cheri & Dwight
It was great spending New Years Eve with you guys, Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2010, with plenty of rock and roll music.
The StingRays: A healthy and happy 2010 to you too! By the way the party's not over yet... New Year's Eve II is tonight at Manhattan's (1/2/10) for everyone that couldn't get a seat there Thursday...
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