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updated 6/22/08
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Hall of Fame
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Danny & the Juniors
One of the many times the StingRays  were the back up band for Danny & the Juniors.
Dion of Dion & the Belmonts
Dion used Danny's Chantilly Lace phone to joke with the audience.
The Ides of March
As the StingRays played, Jim Peterik talked to Dick Biondi on the air and said the StingRays sounded great.
the late Rob Grill of the Grass Roots
Rob was recovering from a hip injury. Notice the cane. He still came out and took a picture with us.
Joey Dee & the Starliters
The Starliters include Bobby Valli and David Brigati. His band called Joey, "Mr. Dee."
Mitch Ryder of Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
Mitch took this picture with us while his guitarist played his big solo of the show...
Sonny Geraci & the Outsiders
Sonny got there early and was the most easy going guy on earth - talking with fans and joking with StingRays.
The Guess Who
At the Heart for Hollie benefit. Drummer Garry Peterson played along with Ron backstage on Brown Eyed Girl.
Bob Abrams of the Buckinghams
We waited 10 years for this photo. We opened for the Buckinghams in 1999, but didn't realize that new-fangled internet would catch on.
The Diamonds
Backstage at the historic Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL. Lucky we were there. The Diamond's keyboard broke, and we just happened to have one!
New Colony Six at Markapaloza
As part of a memorial concert (Markapalooza) honoring StingRay Mark Eskin, who passed away in 2010. who was also a NC6 member.
Peter Rivera
After Classic Rock All-Stars show. Drummer & lead vocalist with Rare Earth. We’d love to perform, “Get Ready,” but there's only one voice like Peter Rivera’s.
'Lil Tommy Edwards
Tommy Edwards was an outstanding DJ at the annual WRLL Rock & Roll Show at the Willowbrook Ballroom.
Dick Biondi
We went to see the Boxtops and Badfinger and ran into our old friend Dick Biondi.
Scott MacKay
Scott MacKay of WDRV, 95.9 the River, dropped by Chambers and sang Little Sister with us.
the Grass Roots
And here's the rest of the Grass Roots.

met along the way
Classic Rock All Stars
The late Dennis Noda is the former leader of Cannibal and the Headhunters. This was after a band outing. We really wanted this photo because we play Land of 1000 Dances
Herman's Hermits
Frank & Ron run into Vance Brescia, lead guitarist for Peter Noone & Herman's Hermits after a band outing. The StingRays play lots of Herman's Hermits.
Eric of American English
We've shared the stage with American English half a dozen times -- from Romeoville to Bensenville to Woodstock to LITH.
Ronnie Rice
Ronnie Rice & BeatleMark dropped by Chambers to relax after the New Colony Six was inducted into their high school's Hall of Fame. We dedicated I will Always Think About you to him -- after permission of course.

guest players
Bobby Rex
Bobby Rex -- complete with Russian accent as Chekov (the Star Trek Beatle) at  our 2013 Halloween Show. Moonlight Cocktail's Joe Smith is Scottie on drums.
Tony Napolitano
Tony rocked the crowd at Manhattan's. He's also is the drummer for the Crown Vics
Mike Uva
Mike debuted on the oldies scene in 2013 playing both with the StingRays and the Meteors in the Summer of 2013. Still a Meteor, he still puts together a show with his own Mike Uva's New Image Band when called upon.
Nick Avello
Nick is a longtime friend of the StingRays playing with them at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL, and benefits like the Wounded Warrior Project.
Drew Roberts
Drew is one of our many "fifth" StingRays playing a great part of 2010 with us. A killer on the 12-sting guitar he'll bring out his six-string with his band the NICHE.
Joe Garcia
Joe Garcia of the New Invaders luckily had his guitar in the car. He's a lefty, and after all these years, this is the first time he's been able to play with us.
Greg Favata
Greg is also another "fifth" StingRay, playing with us much of 2010. When he's not playing with Moonlight Cocktail or the New Colony Six, he's bringing the house down with his version of "the Twist."
Randy Zaccard
Randy of the Meteors brings down the house every time with his version of "New Orleans."
Jay of Jay and the Americans
Jay (with bass player Billy Corston in back) dropped by Mahattan while in town touring.
Dan B. Keys
Dan of the Fairlanes and the and the Einstein and Ernie duo. Lots of great nights with Dan.
Jimmy Herter
StingRays guitarist Dan and New Invaders guitarist Jimmy trade licks as we tear down and they set up.
Sam Mulvey
Sam of the Fairlanes and the  Willies. Sam's rendition of Lucille is not to be missed.
Tom Rycher
Shindig's Tom Rychter at an Indiana festival. The StingRays met through Tom's band, the Heartbeats.
The New Invaders
David Nuccio, Joe Garcia and Jim Herter played with us at Dion & Cathy's  wedding.
Al Wagner
After winning his fabulous StingRays prize, Cavern Beat Drummer Al sits in.
Joe Smith
Moonlight Cocktail Drummer Joe Smith in Niles, IL. Joe has become another 'fifth' StingRay.
Jim Pilster of the Cryan' Shames and Beatlemark of the New Colony Six
The two of them dropped by to relax at one of our favorite clubs, the original Skuddlebutts.
Bob West
Bob sang with the band in his hometown of Palos Hills
Bruce Petrie
In the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier, the fabulous Loose Bruce Petrie. Years later, Bruce became one of our "fifth" StingRays playing with us a lot in 2009 and 2010 and even flying to South Dakota with us. He was briefly an official StingRay in 2012
British Export
Jim "Ringo" Martin & the late Beatle Mark sit in. Jim is currently bringing a Beatle sound to Seattle.
The Fairlanes
Sam, Fletch, and  Dan B. Keys join a holiday jam at Rolling Lanes
The Wild Ones
Rick Lindy of The Wild Ones
The Fabulous Murray Brothers
Norm sat in at Rolling Lanes
Mike Kara
Mike Kara interviewing us for his TV Show, Mike Kara Presents. Mike is currently hosting television and radio programs in Florida.
The Niche
Drew & Kent Bredrup; also of the the Bredrup Brothers
Dave "Elvis" Thomas
We're playing Molly Malone's. The Dooley's are upstairs playing Irish music. Suddenly Elvis is in the building.
Ray Paschke
Ray played with Bassist Frank R., back in his early band days -- "Class Act." Ray is currently playing with Full Circle.
Jim McCartney
When Jim's not playing, he's running his own production company - JMC Productions.
Lois "Lu" Segal
of Sister Lu and the Boys, part of Danny's history
Jackie McCarthy
Jackie sings 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' to Vi on the night of Vi's actual Last Call. The St. Charles icon has been paved over.
Screaming Bluedogs
Frank R., playing bass with the Bluedogs -- yes blues.
Screaming Bluedogs
Bass Player Chris Maring reciprocates - not Blues this time.
Wind Gypsys
Ray Klass gave us his Mustang Sally-Gloria medley.
John Novacich
John not only organized the entire Celebrate Shererville Festival, he took time to sit in.
Charles & Company
Both Danny and Frank R., knew Charles in the early 80s, but didn't meet each other until 1998. They also found out they went to the same high school and were both lifeguards -- spooky!
Mark Eskin
The late BeatleMark would razzle-dazzle the crowd by playing all the instruments.
Rick Sauer
Rick is the bass player for the Flavonoids. Rick still has the Rickenbacker bass that StingRays bass player Frank learned to play on. 
Tim, Carter and Jack Flash. Tim was the drummer before and after Ron in the Heartbeats where the StingRays originally met.
The Meteors
The whole band sat in giving Drummer Ron a chance to dance with his wife.
Chad White
Yes, he's this cool off stage as well. The only time the StingRays have performed House of the Rising Sun.
Jason Tripp
It's Drummer Ron's little boy, Jason.
Rob Roy
Roy does a killer Pretty Woman & often sends us terrific pictures of our shows.
Kenny James
doing his tribute to Buddy Holly in Morris, IL
JC Hooke lets drummer Ron play his bongos
Dick Biondi
When Dick interviewed us on the air, Danny was so nervous that after Ron said he played drums, Danny said he played them too.
Warrenville Blues Brothers
Freddie not only sings the Blues Brothers, he can -- and does -- do the cartwheels as well.
the Renditions
Gerry sings his Beach Boys. In the back is Greg, another Rendition.
Kevin Sedlak
Kevin has been a free lance drummer on the scene since he's been about 13. His hair is longer and he's taller now.
BagShot Row
Drummer Gerard. We're still waiting for guitarist Gary to join this page
BagShot Row
Jon Ohse -- Gary, we're STILL waiting
Echoes of Time
Glen from the Echoes of Time sits in.
Tony Bicek - the Meteors
Besides being a great singer, Tony is a hilarious storyteller..
Michelle Denotter
Keyboardist Michelle is the only female instrumentalist to play with the StingRays.
the late Danny Campos
We'd go see Danny & the Twisters at Miss Dotti's back when we first formed the StingRays.
Scott Hendrix
Scott not only played well, he had the best head of hair of any musician we've ever played with.
Gigolo Johnny
We'd run into Johnny a lot in those days, including riding together in the Elmwood Park Parade.
more DanZman
Ben Olson
At the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee -- Ben showed up wearing the matching shirt!
In Elmwood Park. Dancing Dennis & Dancing Sue performed as dancers with us that night
Margaritaville Singers
Scott & one of the many incarnations of the Margaritaville Singers
The DanZman
Taste of Glen Ellyn
opening for Jamestown Massacre. We found out that day that Ron went to Middle School with the keyboard player.
the late Mark Eskin
Our very good friend Mark Eskin -- a member of the New Colony Six who also became a StingRay. Sadly, Mark passed away in 2010. We miss him greatly.
Jim Pilster of the CryanShames
Jim used to drop by one of our favorite clubs -- the old Skuddlebutts in Downers Grove. Ron has even played his bongos.
Billy Corston of Jay and the Americans
Billy was in town between trips to New York to rehearse and tour with Jay and the Americans. 

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