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Well, this is different this year-having an extra "New Year's Eve celebration" on the 2nd! We have plans on the actual eve, but have planned on this Saturday with our friends, Carol and Jack! So Happy New Year early; and see you post-New Year's Day!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Great, we'll see you next year then!.. It sounds so weird to say that...

Wishing you all the BEST that 2010 can bring. Happy Holidays from The Meteors.
The Meteors
The StingRays: Thanks Meteors and Happy Christmas to all of you. All the StingRays wish all of you the best of luck and continued success in 2010 and beyond!

Happy Holidays to a great group of guys, wonderful musicians and entertainers. Good luck in 2010, and by the way, thanks for letting us use Frank as a guest performer on occasions - he always does a great job!
Jerry and the Renditions
The StingRays: We were just about to send the Renditions this same greeting. Happy Holidays to all of you. The Renditions are a great group of guys (and Kristi) and terrific musicians too. Frank had a great time playing with you all. Health, happiness and success for the coming year.

Welcome home boys! We missed you this weekend. I am sure you rocked the house in South Dakota.
The StingRays: And we missed you! South Dakota was one of the really cool chapters in StingRay history... but it's good to be home!

Sorry this is late (busy with "Christmas stuff"; plus we needed to get a new computer)! Great Christmas Show at Rolling Lanes on Friday, the 4th!! As Joann said, we enjoyed how you incorporated Xmas themes into the rock songs! The one by the Ventures was the actual instrumental, if we remember correctly - "Sleigh Ride"!? Merry Christmas guys and girls (nice talking to you, too)!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks guys, you are correct we did play Sleigh Ride... and a big thank you for the chocolate covered cherries, they're a band favorite! Enjoy your new computer and keep warm!

Great show last night boys! Especially enjoyed Danny inserting Christmas riffs in his guitar solos. How original. Enjoy your Christmas Holiday and we will see you on New Year's Eve! Rock on Boys.
The StingRays: Thanks Joann, The Christmas Spirit was in the air and under Danny's fingers. I wish we had more Christmas shows in Chicago but we'll be back and we'll see you New Year's Eve... that's always a great time!

Great "Thanksgiving Eve" show at Manhattan's! Nice talking to you guys and gals and fans! Awesome song selection-you know our favorites - "Imagine" by "Beatle Mark" (aka John Lennon)!, "Rock Around the Clock" and maybe a few other new ones that we can't remember! We're glad we could answer the trivia question and got all the "goodies" for the "FABULOUS STINGRAY PRIZE"! (Thanks Danny)! Hope you had a good holiday with your close family and friends yesterday (Thanksgiving)!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Chuck & Barb -- Because it's Thanksgiving, it's a good time to tell you how thankful we are for the two of you and all the friends and fans that come to see the StingRays. We hope you too had a warm and loving Thanksgiving and we're looking forward to all the times we'll spend together. Yours, Frank, Dan & Ron.

Hi guys, Best wishes from The Meteors for a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving.
Ron, Tony, Tom, Sal & Randy
The StingRays: Happy Thanksgiving Meteors from all the StingRays, Frank, Dan & Ron... and all the other StingRays that we're thankful to have for friends.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
The StingRays: You too Donna... We still have one more Thanksgiving Card and it's yours!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving boys.
The StingRays: You too Jo... Here's a Thanksgiving Card for you...

I am soooo looking forward to catching your riffs. Your soundtracks are great. Hope to be there in Dec.
Great work guys.
Sara S.
The StingRays: Thanks, we've been waiting for December... Christmas and New Year's in the same month... it's a shame we have to wait eleven months between seasons.

Great pictures of the Halloween shows! Thanks for sending them via Email to all us fans! Thanks You so much for dedicating the song "Little Red Riding Hood" to us, even though we weren't looking for it! Great costumes all around, but especially JoAnn as Tinkerbell (thanks for talking to us) and Sue as a witch! Fun party-glad we made it this year!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks. You two looked great and helped make Halloween a fun night for us.

We love the "Spooky" Halloween front page, with Wizard of Oz characters and the beatle on the right (John)! Looking forward to the Halloween Party on Saturday!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks Barb and Chuck, Halloween is one of the StingRays favorite holidays. We'll see you at the party at Manhattan's!

I am so looking forward to seeing you at the lanes this friday! I am finally off work!!!! see ya soon!
The StingRays: Hi Tracy, you know it's going to be 5 and a half months since we've played Rolling Lanes this Friday... Come to think of it we're looking forward to it too... See you there!

WOW! What a beautiful and fun afternoon yesterday at the Festival of the Vine in Geneva! Chuck will be able to use the football clapper (the FABULOUS STING RAY PRIZE) when he goes with the guys to the BEARS football game next week! It was great being able to talk to all of you guys at some point during the show (the gals and fans, also!)
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: The weather was great and it was also great to see so many friends come out to the Festival of the Vine in Geneva. And, now because of your trivia expertise, we'll be with you in spirit cheering on the Bears next week!

Just letting you know how much fun we had at the Westchester Cruise Night! Kudos to Bruce on both his guitar playing and vocal solos (He caught Barb giving him the "thumbs up")! It was great talking to all of you and the gals/fans again; and that was awesome and hilarious when you sat on my (Barb's) lap, Frank, with one of the songs, which I can't remember!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks guys, Westchester Cruise Night was a lot of fun for us too. I'm (Frank) just glad I didn't squish Barb during "Gloria"... who would have thought the StingRays could be such a dangerous Rock and Roll band...

Thanks again, guys, for a fun night at Greco's on Friday night! Great talking to all of you and a little hello to Mark, and the "gals"! A Big Thank You again, for performing the "Happy Birthday" song, mentioning my (Barb's) name! Great having Mark to sing "Imagine" and others; and great set list, including "Matchbox"!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: It was great seeing you two too... and Happy Birthday again... Mark's great isn't he? Speaking of Mark, we'll be sure to pass on the hellos to Mark and the gals too...

Came out to support Tom, but really enjoyed all your great music... a really nice bunch of guys and their girls!
The StingRays: Thanks Holly, it was nice meeting you... Tom really brought the house down, didn't he? Come see us again and let us know next time you go to Peabody's Tomb.

thanks for asking me to sub with you guy this weekend... I had a great time... all a pleasure to see you guys have a great summer... Tom
Tom Rychter (Meteors)
The StingRays: Thank YOU Tom. It was a blast and you're a peach! See you soon!

Another great weekend with the Stingrays. Friday at the Empress was a hoot and what a surprise to see Tom Rychter of The Meteors with you at Manhattans. Keep rocking boys!!!!
The StingRays: Thanks Jo, it's always more fun with you at a show! The StingRays have been lucky this Summer to have some of the best musicians around sitting in who just happen to also be great friends... stay tuned for more!

Just wanted to Thank You again for the Anniversary wishes you gave us yesterday in Villa Park! Great songs, especially "the classics" like "Rock Around the Clock" and the Beatles like "Hold Her Tight", and many other favorites (you kind of remember what they are)! It was nice seeing and talking to you Sue, Ginger, and JoAnne, and the other fans! It was great saying hello, Ron, in the audience, then Danny in the break, and waving to you before the show, and saying bye to you Frank, and meeting you, Bruce, after the show!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Again, Happy Anniversary Barb and Chuck... it was great seeing you at the Villa Park show. I'll pass on your greetings to all of the other StingRays and we'll all hope to see you two again really soon.

The group sounded great with Mark at Ki's, had a nice time... always nice to see you guys...
Tom R (Meteors)
The StingRays: Thanks Tom, Mark has been a gift... and it's always great to see you... I'm (Frank) looking forward to seeing you and the guys soon.

Hey guys, I was at your performance for Morris's Nostalgia Days on 6-26-09. I was really impressed with your musicianship, vocals, sound mix, and song repertoire. You guys are the real deal. Looking forward to seeing you again.
The StingRays: Thank you Rick. We loved playing Morris. What a great crowd and beautiful town. And, we hope to see you soon too.

Just wanted to let you know how we enjoyed your show yesterday, your first show of the month , and first show at Greco's this year! We liked the variety of music in each set; from Bill Haley & the Comets to Beatles, which included Mark singing the ones you don't usually do-"photograph" (Ringo Starr) and "Imagine" (John Lennon); and Elton John's "Your Song". Also, I was glad I researched the Ventures' back in May to answer the question which state they came from (Washington)! I think I remember the city was Tacoma? Correct me (Barb) if I'm wrong, but I was glad to get the backscratcher for the "Fabulous StingRay Prize"! It was awesome talking to all of you guys and gals and other fans! It was especially neat, Danny, seeing you in the car in the parking lot when we were arriving before the show!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: You guys are the best. And, we owe everyone that came out yesterday a big thanks... the weather was so bad the show almost didn't happen but with all our great friends singing and dancing under that tent the storm didn't stand a chance... And, very good Barb, you are correct, the Ventures are from Tacoma.

Wow! Nokie Edwards from the Ventures' Birthday? We will be there at Manhattan's on Saturday!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Be sure to brush up on your Ventures trivia because even without Nokie there, we'll have a blast!

Sorry we couldn't make Rolling Lanes on Friday. But are glad to see the next date will be on John Lennon's birthday, no less! (October 9th)! We will definitely try to plan on that!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: We hope we see you before that! Although, time does fly...

Great show at Rolling Lanes last night. How awesome the whole bar was singing Margaritaville with you guys. Special guest "Beatle Mark" was an added surprise and it sounded like you all have been playing together for years. Keep rocking!
The StingRays: Thanks, you know it's a good night when the sing-a-longs start. It's not too early to start planning for our next Rolling Lanes appearance, speaking of Beatles, on John Lennon's birthday October 9th, 2009... see you there!

Looking forward to the 24th at the Lanes! See ya all there!
The StingRays: Hey Tracy, we'll see you there!

HAPPY EASTER, guys and gals! Just letting you know we had a good time at Chambers, too! We hope to see you soon, also! We're glad to see the SUMMER dates up! Looking forward to GRECO'S and outdoor concerts!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Happy Easter Barb & Chuck, it's always great seeing you two and we're looking forward to a great Summer full of fun, festivals and friends.

Hi StingRays!
Just wanted to say Happy Easter to you and yours. Looking forward to catching a show real soon.
The StingRays: Thanks, we're looking forward to seeing you too and we hope the Easter Bunny treats you well.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, guys and gals (early)! Sorry we can't make the show tomorrow (Saturday). We have a St. Pat's/St. Joe's Dance at our church, in which Chuck is a member of the group putting it on. We MAY get to the show at Chambers on the 27th, though!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Happy St. Patrick's/St. Joe's to both of you too. Have a great time at your church's dance and don't drink too much green beer... it tastes bad.

Hey guys! Just letting you know we're glad we celebrated Frank R.'s birthday at Ki's on Friday, the 27th! We especially enjoyed the Beatle's songs; the "classic" instrumentals; Ricky Nelson; and swing-dancing-friendly songs "Route 66" and "Rock Around the Clock"! Nice seeing the "gals" too!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks guys, Frank R. is still trying to come to grips with being another year older but he says it was made a lot easier by spending the night with friends like you. See you soon!

Great show at the Grape Restaurant, nice to see you guys out and playing again, New songs were great... and the wives/girlfriends were gracious as always, hope you have a great year.
Tom Rychter (Meteors)
The StingRays: Thanks Tom, we had a great time at Grape too and it's always great seeing you. The Meteors are always so much fun... we'll see you soon and we wish you all the best in 2009 and beyond.

Welcome back! Great show at the new club Grape last night. The new songs are awesome. You boys are looking and sounding better all the time. Rock on!
The StingRays: Thanks Jo, it's good to be back. Grape really is a nice place, made all the better with you there!

We (along with our friends, Carol & Jack) are glad we spent Valentine's Day with you guys at Manhattan's yesterday! Besides the good food, your song selection was great and we had fun dancing (when there was room)! We especially enjoyed the Beatle's "Come Together"' Peter Noon's "I'm Into Something Good" and Cheap Trick's "I Want You To Want Me"! Carol especially liked the Ricky Nelson songs. It was great seeing you, Frank R., before the show, and talking to you, Danny & Ron later on! It was also nice talking to you a little bit, Ginger and Ron's sister, and, of course, Sue! Thanks for the "Hannah Montana" Valentine w/candy! We'll have to think of getting more for "the girls" too, next year! We loved your "fancier" attire (white shirts and red ties) for, we assume, the holiday!?
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Hi Barb & Chuck, it's always great to see you. Thanks again for the chocolate covered cherries (a StingRay favorite)! We're glad you like the "new" songs, we had a lot of fun playing them.

Hey, guys and girls, it turns out we'll be seeing you sooner than Rolling Lanes on the 20th -- at Manhattan's for Valentine's Day! Our original plans changed, and we thought "what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day"?!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day either. We're looking forward to seeing both of you.

Hi Guys (and gals), I received my Fabulous StingRays cds. I am enjoying the music anticipating the live show on Valentines Day. Soon, soon!
The StingRays: We're glad our CDs can tide you over until you can come see us live. We're looking forward to having you come out and being one of our Valentines.

I'm having Stingray withdrawals !!!!!!!!!
The StingRays: Only two more weeks until the big Valentine's Day Show at Manhattan's... as the song says, "Hold On... I'm comin'"

Hi Guys,
This is Howard and family from the Howardpalooza benefit you played on the 18th.
We just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all your contributions to making the evening a great success. The selfless donations of your time and efforts are greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten. From our entire family, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.
Howard, Robyn, Austin, Zachary & Sean
The StingRays: Howard and Robyn, you are wonderful people. We're glad we were able to attend and be part of it in some small way. We were never prouder to be part of the oldies scene than we were that night. You're in our thoughts.

Thank you SO VERY, VERY, MUCH for donating your time, equipment, and helping out to make the fundraiser for Howard and Robyn a complete success on 1/18/09 at Manhattans. You have no idea how much it meant to me and so many others to have you there and share in the fun, excitement and friendship of the evening! THANK YOU AGAIN for all of your help and support!
The StingRays: We were just glad to be a part of it. It was a phenomenal event. You and Thom did an amazing job. We all feel honored to be part of such a caring and giving community. Again, excellent job and thank you for having us.

Looking forward to another fun year!!! Thanks Guys!
The StingRays: We're counting the days to the start of the 2009 season (Manhattan's, February 14, 2009). Can't wait to see everyone. Let the fun begin and thanks.. 

Your New Years Party was GREAT! I'm still thinking about the fun I had! When are you coming back to Chambers? Do you have a current schedule yet? If so, please post it, thanks!
Katy B
The StingRays: Thanks Katy, we're back at Chambers March 27, 2009. See you then!

We've enjoyed celebrating with you in 2008 and look forward to new songs and good times in 2009! Art would like to hear more Dave Clark 5 tunes. Love you guys.
The StingRays: Thanks Susan, last year was fun wasn't it?.. Let's make this year even better... see you soon.

Hey, guys and girls-we wanted to formally wish you a (late) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (the chocolates were a gift for Christmas)! Wow-it's great seeing some wishes from other local groups (the Meteors, Renditions, etc.)! Our friends, Carol and Jack Birk, said they had a good time at your New Year's Eve Show! Sorry we didn't make it-but we will see you in February! (Right now we're thinking Rolling Lanes on the 20th)!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Hi Barb and Chuck, you're our guestbook "first-footer" for 2009 so thank you. Happy New Year to you two too... and it's a date: Rolling Lanes 2/20/09! Keep warm and we'll see you soon.

The Meteors wish our friends,(Frank, Dan, Ron, & Frank) and their wives, a very healthy and prosperous 2009. It's great to have you as friends. Keeping the Oldies tradition alive becomes easier with The Stingrays on the circuit.
Ron Miller (The Meteors)
The StingRays: Thanks Ron. You guys are good friends, a great band and all around fun to hang with... we'll be doing a lot of the hanging thing after New Years... keep warm and all our best.

Always great to see you guys, and ladies...Here's wishin you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I appreciate your friendship and hope Santa is good to you all...see ya next year!
Tom Rychter (Meteors)
The StingRays: Thanks Tom... and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours. Part of the StingRay's Sabbatical is seeing more of our friends... so we'll see you soon...

Hey Guys, Thanks for letting me sing with you the other night at Ki's. You guys sounded great and as always, put on a great show!! Keep rockin', have a great holiday, and see you soon.
Renditions Jerry
The StingRays: Thank you Jerry for singing... you brought down the house! Happy Christmas to you and the rest of the Renditions... We'll see you soon.

Hey Guys...Merry Christmas best in 2009.
Rick Lindy & The Wild Ones
The StingRays: Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all the Wild Ones. We'll see you soon.
Frank, Dan, Ron & Frank

Hey guys, The Meteors hope that you and your family have a safe, and healthy holiday season. All the best for The Stingrays in 2009. See you at a future show.
Ron Miller
The StingRays: A Happy Christmas to all of The Meteors and the very best in 2009. You guys Rock!
Frank, Dan, Ron & Frank

G-r-reat Christmas show at Ki's on Friday! Especially loved the instrumental "Sleigh Ride" by the Ventures! Also loved the "classic oldies" by Bill Haley & the Comets "Rock Around the Clock" and "Shake , "Rattle & Roll"! Also the Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There" and Herman's Hermit's "I'm Into Something Good"! Thanks for talking to us guys and girls, especially Sue. Some suggestions for other songs/artists to think about during your sabbatical as we told Ron: MONKEES (and maybe Beach Boys)?
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks Guys... And thank you especially for the Chocolate Covered Cherries! I'm glad you liked the Christmas tunes and the "classics". We'll be adding "new" songs in January so thanks for the suggestions too... see you both soon...

After "STUFFING" ourselves at Barb's cousin's place yesterday, we want to THANK YOU guys for a fun Thanksgiving Eve party at Manhattan's! It was nice meeting the couple that we sat with-Dennis and Debbie. Our friends, Carol & Jack, weren't able to make it at the last minute.
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: We were hoping you'd come out. It wouldn't be a StingRays holiday celebration without you guys.

I saw you guys for the first time on Friday at Rolling Lanes and you were great! We will definitely be out to see the band again.
The StingRays: Thanks Tammy, we'll look forward to it!

Hi StingRays! Saw you at Rolling Lanes on Friday. You guys are great!! Thanks again for the b-day wishes. See you guys soon. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours..
The StingRays: Hi Donna, thanks for coming out to Rolling Lanes and have a Happy Thanksgiving from all of us...

Loved your Halloween pictures-what a hoot! You guys as Alpiners and the group who dressed like you-and won 1st place! (Of course!-just kidding!) Sorry we didn't make it, but are planning on Thanksgiving Eve at Manhattan's!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Halloween at Manhattan's was a lot of fun... See you there on Thanksgiving Eve...

Once again Stingrays you had a great show, at Rolling Lanes in Countryside. Thanks Ron for sitting at our table. Hope to see you soon.
Jesse & Maria H.
The StingRays: We always have a blast at Rolling Lanes... and you two helped make "breaktime" a lot of fun... Thanks and see you again soon... Drummer Ron

AWESOME show at Chambers for "Sweetest Day Eve"! We decided that day to go, and we're glad we did! The place is nice, great talking to all of you and girls! Also, having Mark do a couple of numbers in place of one of you. Also, Tony was great singing the Beatles songs! Lastly, the food was great!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks guys, what a great night, and you two helped make it that way. We love Chambers, great food, nice people and cool "jazzy" atmosphere... take care and see you soon.

A little late (sorry) - Great show at "harvestfest" in Glendale Heights! Had fun and our friends, Carol and Jack really enjoyed you, and Carol, especially was "tickled" that you dedicated that song for their anniversary! As always, great talking to all of you and "the girls"! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks Chuck and Barb, the gigs are always more fun with friends there. And speaking of Halloween, I hope everyone can make it out to our annual Halloween Show at Manhattan's on October 31st.

Great show at Manhattans last night, as always. Vocals were awesome! See you soon.
Lil Jo
The StingRays: Thanks Jo, was that you singing along in the audience?

We were in Rochelle. The StingRays are great. Ricky Nelson is in the band! Can't wait to see you again.
Warren & Sue M.
Center IL
The StingRays: Thanks, we can't wait to get back your way again... see you soon.

As usual, your emails and web site are always a pleasure to see, you make it so exciting, as it is to see all of you as well. Hope to see ya soon.
Lady Di
The StingRays: Thanks, Almost everything about being in the StingRays is fun... but the most fun is getting to hang out and enjoy the music we love with friends like you. See you soon.

FUN show as always at the Bloomingdale Septemberfest! First it was great seeing Sue (you did deserve a sip of Chuck's beer) and JoAnn! We caught a glimpse of Ginger and granddaughter and Judy! Thanks, Frank, for identifying us as "the good swing dancers" (something like that)! It was just a little "chaotic" with the dance troops and M& R Music to say Hi to you guys, but you all were probably aware of us with Frank R.'s "shout out" to us! Also wanted to let you know that you have a couple of new fans! We let the couple that was next to us know about you, so they came to see you for the first time there and liked your music/show/yourselves!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks you two... and that was good swing dancing... as little time as we had and as busy of a show as it was it was great looking out and seeing your friendly faces and maybe next time we'll have more time to visit. Thanks again.

Every show, great music, fun fans and lots of dancing... how can we NOT come back again and again and again and... now just learn "Baby Driver" and you may just be the perfect band! Thanks!
The StingRays: Thanks Art. Wow, I'd almost forgotten "Baby Driver", great Simon and Garfunkel song...

Hi -- You guys had a great show in Rochelle at the Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival Friday night. Great tunes -- takes a person back in time!!
R.P. A.
The StingRays: Thanks R.P. It was our first time in Rochelle, what a great night, Rochelle has a cool looking downtown, really nice people and the whole festival including Tux Sound were a musician's dream... hope to see you again next year.

Sorry this is late, but THANKS guys for making my birthday (a little after-was really the l2th) special with the song and mentioning my name (Barb)! We're glad we could talk to you about it before the show, Frank! Great talking to the rest of you guys, as usual! It was fun with Stephanie's Bachelorette party, too! We don't know if you're reading this, Stephanie! Nice seeing "the ladies" and the other "friends of StingRays" also!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thank you for sharing your (almost) birthday with the band. You two always make playing out more fun! Thanks Again.

Great show in Lombard last night. Lots of fun. It was nice to meet you guys too (and wives). Looking forward to another night of dancing to the oldies.
Donna (Gloria & Diana's friend, groupies in training)
The StingRays: Thanks Donna, it was nice to meet you too... See you on the dance floor.

AWESOME show in Wood Dale yesterday! We were running a little late. Great seeing "the girls" and thanks for saying Good-Bye to us at the end of the show (especially Dan for coming down from the stage and giving a hug, and Ron saying an extra "Bye")! Again, glad you're feeling better! Also, it was great that you saw us from the stage, Frank D.! We're also glad the rain didn't get heavier than a few drops! It was fun seeing DanZman, also!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks Chuck and Barb. What a great night. The Wood Dale park staff were friendly and helpful, the setting was beautiful, the concession stand workers were great, DanZman showed up and it was not only nice to see you two but you started the dancing which helped everyone enjoy the show... We really love these outdoor shows...

I saw you guys at Woodhaven Lakes, you guys were fabulous.
Joe J.
The StingRays: Thanks, hope to see you again soon.

Great show in Lagrange, sounded great, good song selection, good to see you guys again... Frank did a nice job on the Ricky Nelson songs...
Tom Rychter
(the Meteors)
The StingRays: Thanks Tom, it's always great to see you and the guys at a show... We'll be dropping by to see the Meteors really soon.

I enjoyed your outdoor show in Niles. I'll try to come to the Niles events whenever I can!
Katy B
The StingRays: Thanks Katy, we look forward to our Niles show every year. The next time we'll be in Niles will be September 12, 2008 at Chambers... see you then...

Enjoyed the show at Woodhaven lakes... See you at the Sweet Corn festival
Jim, Denise & Little Jamie
The StingRays: We'll see you in Mendota... and thanks for the great pictures of the Woodhaven show.

Love your creative e-mails and letting me know Gloria and I were in the pics. Hope to see you soon. Toooo many things to do, and then we get burnt out. Its not like it was a few years ago, I is tired. Love ya all.
Lady Di
The StingRays: Thanks, we'll be posting more pictures soon... and thanks again for putting us on your "to do" list.

Hi, you guys were so good at Finley's Bar and Grill, in Downers Grove last weekend. The music was great!! Always looking forward to seeing and hearing you.
Joanne T
The StingRays: Thanks Joanne, it was nice to see you there. Finley's is one of our favorite clubs... watch for more dates there soon...

Thanks for your prompt replies to all of our entries! We have a question about Greco's: Is the patio under a roof if it should rain? Or do you just play inside . .?
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Good question... We play under a tent (with sides) at Greco's... over the years we've played a few jobs there when it has rained... and the party just keeps going...

Hey guys... Did anyone ever tell u guys how great u r??? well... u just heard it now!!!
Ha Ha... from Jo Ann O
Tinley Park, IL
The StingRays: thx Jo Ann... u r gr8 2!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dan Ware (Danny)! We love the anecdotes that you send with the upcoming shows and love reading them, even if we don't make the shows! Let us know when the birthdays are for you other three, if you wish!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks for your kind wishes and support, and I hope to see you two at one of our shows soon... Danny

What a fun night at Odyssey! Thanks for letting us sit with you, Sue, Ginger, JoAnn, etc.! Maybe we can Email you girls through StingRays' Email and let you know if we're coming! It was great talking to you about the Beatles and Monkees, Frank and little bit Danny and Ron! Oh, great meeting your parents, too, Ron! We'll think about Greco's, but we'll mostly see you at the outside concerts and "Fests" (finally that time again)!!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks you two, Odyssey was a lot of fun for us too. Greco's is great and the outdoor shows are the best part of the year... take care and we'll see you soon...

A StingRay sharing a birthday with one of the "Turtles"? Wow! Maybe we can find out who when we see you at the Odyssey on Friday, the 9th! Ki's sounded good, but we have to try Odyssey (formerly Jonathan's)! We're glad they still have entertainment and hired you!
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: It's weird isn't it? How did Aesop know all those years ago that we'd be playing at a great Greek restaurant called the Odyssey next week?

Just letting you guys know again how much fun we had at the "beautiful and spacious" Finley's Grill Room! We especially liked that the show marked the 50th anniversary of Bill Haley & the Comets' "Rock Around the Clock"! Also, that you had more room to go in the audience again.
Barb & Chuck K
The StingRays: Thanks, Finley's was jumping! We might need even more room though, Frank and Dan were knocking down chairs during their "California Sun" run...

Looking forward to summer nights at Greco's! You guys are the best.
Betty M
The StingRays: Thanks... June 27, 2008 will be our first night back at Greco's. Hope to see you there.

Hi Guys! It was different hearing the "virtual interview" with Frank R. talking about "Across the Universe". We saw it and liked it, but the songs surely weren't sung like the Beatles. We'll talk more. We hope to see you at Manhattan's later this month! Early Happy Easter and late "Happy St. Paddy's Day"!
Barb & Chuck K.
The StingRays: Thanks for spending some time with us, even if it was "virtual" time this weekend. We're all looking forward to performing "live" again at Manhattan's, so until then Happy Easter and we'll see you soon.

Hi Ron;
It was a pleasure meeting you for the first time at Rolling Lanes in Countryside. You guys are just great!! Hope to see you guys soon.
Jesse & Maria H.
The StingRays: It was great meeting you guys too. Hope to see a lot of you and to have more fun times.

Dear Franks, Danny, and Ron,
I Think of you guys often and I love your concerts. I hope that you can write back to me. I love you guys so much. Keep up the good work!
Mary Liz
The StingRays: Thanks Mary Liz, you really help make our shows more fun... We'll keep in touch and we'll see you soon.

Just wanted to take the time to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and hope you have many more. See you all sometime soon.
Cheri M.
The StingRays: Thanks Cheri, see you soon.

Sorry this is late, but just to let you know again that we enjoyed your "pre-Valentine" Show at Finley's on Friday, the 8th! It's always "awesome" that you guys (and girls Sue, Ginger, and Ron's wife-we keep forgetting names) talk to us!
Barb & Chuck K.
The StingRays: You two helped make the show for us... and a rose by any other name as far as names go, Sue Ginger and Jo say "hi".

Great show at Manhattan's as usual, thanks for letting us (Meteors) play a couple of songs, Always great to see you guys...
Tom Rychter
The StingRays: Thank you Tom, also thanks to Ron, Tony, Sal and Randy... The support and friendship The Meteors have shown The StingRays means a great deal to us. You guys have really enhanced the music scene.

Awesome show yesterday at Rolling Lanes in Countryside! We do like the new songs, and thanks for letting us win the Twist contest again. We have won the "Peace" necklaces before. Oh, by the way, did you guys and fans hear-Phil saw his shadow, so maybe winter will be around for a while. Although, the other groundhog in Georgia(?) DIDN'T. So...we'll see..
Barb & Chuck K.
The StingRays: Thanks guys... that was some pretty good twisting you two. And, judging from the rest of the wild dancing that night we have to say that we agree with Phil... it's going to be cold for awhile longer...

I hope you have a great New Year! Rock On
Stefanie A.
The StingRays: Thanks Stefanie... same to you and see you in 2008

The Pre-New Year's Eve Party at Finley's Grill Room yesterday was fun as usual, and you're just as funny, Frank and Danny! (just kickin' back-remember the instrumental song?)! It was a pleasure sitting with you, Sue, and great talking to you Ron, and Frank D. also at our table!! We kind of take a hiatus in January, too! So that's fine with us! (looking over your schedule).
Barb & Chuck K.
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Chuck, it was great seeing you last night. Have a Happy New Year and we'll see you soon.

Tom Ryhcter
The StingRays: Thanks Tom and a Happy Christmas to you, Judy, Ron, Annie, Tony, Sal and Randy. The Meteors are a great band, friends and a great addition to the scene.
See you soon, Frank, Ron, Danny, Frank, Sue, Jo and Ginger

The Christmas show at Jonathan's was awesome! (A little small but fun!) The place is nice, too! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! We don't think we'll make it for New Year's Eve, but would like to try Finley's Grill Room-it's very close to us! It was just added for the 29th, right? We should contact them directly about the menu and reservations, correct? Do we need to get reservations? Anyway, Merry Christmas again, and hope you enjoyed the candy!
Barb & Chuck K.

Merry Christmas & happy & healthy new year to all of you & your families.....
P.S. When r u ever coming to Tinley Park Areas?????????????? We Southwestern folks need your music here too! See u soon????????
Jo Ann O.
The StingRays: Stay warm, healthy and have a Happy Christmas and who knows, our travels might take us to your neck of the woods soon.

Hey Ron,
We're glad to hear of your full time status with the "Rays"! We're not sure if we'll come this Friday, but will be at one of the Christmas shows! We did enjoy the "Thanksgiving Eve Bash" on Wednesday, the 21st! Thanks for talking with us when you could, individually!
Barb & Chuck K.
(the short and tall couple)
The StingRays: Thanks, we're all excited for Ron too. And, we hope to see you both soon...

We're excited about seeing you tomorrow night (Wednesday-Thanksgiving Eve)! We've seen you over the summer a number of times, but have never thought to sign the guestbook. We're the short and tall couple. We'll hopefully be able to talk to you more tomorrow.
Barb & Chuck K.
The StingRays: Great, it should be a great time tomorrow, see you both then.

Saturday night in Lemont was a typically great show, and Dwight and I appreciate the anniversary greetings.
It was great seeing you and Dwight... and we all wish you two many more happy years ahead.

StingRays, thank you for an exciting show on Saturday. I had the time of my life. And may I add, I was really enjoying the swarthy bearded look you all were sporting.
Wood Dale, IL
The StingRays: Thanks for noticing, swarthy was just what we were going for...

I had a lot of fun at the Halloween party, you are are always great!!! I love you all. nice pictures. ( the other little red riding hood )
Joanne T.
Naperville, IL
The StingRays: Thanks Joanne, we had fun too... nice costume by the way.

Thanks for a great night of entertainment at the Lombard Cruise Nights! You guys ROCK!!!!
Barb & Celeste B.
The StingRays: Thanks Barb & Celeste, not only did the weather cooperate but the crowd was fantastic!

Hey Guys, Wanted to say thank you for playing at Joe and JoAnn's wedding. You all put the perfect final touch on the day. It was great spending time with so many of our friends. Keep on Rockin. You are number one in our book. See you all soon.
Ellie & Rob Roy E.

We'd like to thank the band for making our wedding so much fun for us and all of the guests at our wedding on 7/7/07. Having been a musician in the Chicago area for many years, I highly recommend these guys for any private function you may be planning over any other group in the vicinity.
Thank you all very, very much! All our best,
JoAnn and Joe

Great Taste of Lombard Show!
Stefanie, Friend of Mary LIz

I got the postcard from you in the mail. My boyfriend and I are dedicated fans of yours. We appreciate that you're still rocking and rolling!!!
Rosann M.

Hi, this is Jacki... and I'm doing research on you guys for school, but I cant find anything about you four, and there is a lot of stuff I need to know. And your music makes me laugh! :] so you should email me back, to tell me if i am able to find any information about you guys!

Hello my name is Stefanie and I'm a great friend of Mary Liz who just happens to love your band and music. We can't wait until next Friday at Manhattan's.
She may even Bug you a bit too.
Stefanie A.

Just want let you all know how good it was to get and see you play at Chambers last night. You even let me play a coupla songs !!! You sounded great!! I think the world of all of you. Keep rockin & see you soon. All the best.
Billy C
Jay & the Americans

Hey Guys,
I ate at the original Vito & Nicks years ago when I was a kid. It was somewhere on the south side around 79th or Southwest Hwy and I fell in love with that thin crust pizza. When I saw Vito & Nicks on the schedule the last time you played there all I could think about was I hope it's the same Vito & Nicks. I could not wait to try it out. It was as good as I remembered. So needless to say I cannot wait to get back there. Of course, with you guys playing, it just makes it that much better. Can't wait for the thin crust pizza and for "our boys" to take center stage.
Lil Jo

New Year's Eve was great. I just love rockin' to the oldies. My friends and I had a real good time. Thanx Stingrays for making my 2007 come in with a bang.
Nancy M.

StingRays fans can always find ways to share the room and the floor. If not we just invent our own areas. Leaving no stone or space unturned when it comes to dancing with great music and great friends. We loved spending the night with all of you. See you all soon to party the night away.
Ellie and Rob Roy

Sure had fun on Thanksgiving Eve. JoAnn and I are really looking forward to spending our New Years at Manhattan's with all of you...it should be a riot! See you soon...
Joe & JoAnn

Dear StingRays,
A group of us thoroughly enjoyed the evening with you at Ernie McCann's on Friday night! (Unfortunately, we couldn't stay late.) We would love to know if you are planning to be there again in the months to come. We'll plan to stay until the bitter end and bring more friends!!!
Kathy S.
St. Charles

Hey, great Halloween Concert at Manhattan's in Carol Stream IL last Saturday
Stefanie A

Just a big thank you for making the Lena Fall Festival such a big hit. Our family not only enjoyed your great music and talent, but we thank you for involving the children in the audience in your act. It was truly good wholesome family entertainment enjoyed by all. Please come back and see us again.
P.S. Your wives are good ambassadors for you.
Pat B.
Lena, IL - 9/11/06

You guys are sensational. Thanks for the great sounds, the great memories, and the excellent virtuosity you provided! Best wishes.
Greg B.

We loved seeing and hearing you at Heart for Hollie and think you guys (and one girl) are the greatest
Love and God bless,
Anna and Stephanie
from both Elite Beauties USA

Thank-you so much for the fun and great music at Greco's. We had a wonderful time and so did our friends. The pictures Sue took and posted on your website prove what a great time we had. A big thanks for the Happy Birthday you sang to Theresa! Looking forward to hearing you soon! Thanks again.
Craig and Karen
Brookfield - 7/23/06

Hello to my favorite band in the world! I will most likely be seeing you guys at Woodhaven! Kyle is having Stingray withdrawals!!! We'll see you soon.

Hey, it's summer: you know what that means??!! Music in the park concerts. Had a ball in Niles last week, loved those red shirts. Looking forward to lots of shows this summer.
Cheri M

I have to tell ya, I really love your advertisements. Just read the one for the fish fry on Friday. My compliments to the writer of the Stingrays. I love your creativeness. Sorry I haven’t been out to see you guys. I hope to soon, really.
Lady DI

Hey Stingrays, Thanks for the tribute to Bob Sinofsky and thanks to Sue and Ron for sending me that great pic of Me and BOB. That's the way to remember him, smiling, having a good time, listening to a great band. Hope to see ya'll soon, Love,
Lady DI
Diana S.

Seen you guys twice now. Once at manhattans and once at Scuddlebutts. We love your music selection as well as your talent. Hearing songs by Herman's Hermits, Gary Lewis, Gerry and the Pacemakers and The Searchers is great. I also had the honor of winning a "fabulous StingRay prize"!!! Keep it going. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Al K.

Hey... Do These Guys Ever Come Out To The South Suburbs? That's were I saw them the 1st time! They're Great!
JoAnn O.

I can't wait till ya get back to Rolling Lanes! Luv Ya!

Dear StingRays!!
We attended the Alzheimer's Benefit on Saturday and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show. We have seen you several times at our St. Charles "Concerts in the Park" and really looked forward to being well entertained. You did not disappoint!
Thank you again for a wonderful evening!
Bill and Kathy S.

Surfing thru internet for oldies music found yours. Love the sound great stuff can't wait for compact disc to get here.
Wayne F.
Apex, North Carolina - 2/16/06

Hi StingRays,
Just wanted to let you know that I think it is very generous of your group to perform for the benefit of this cause. The disease is a terrible one that touched my family also. Hope to be able to attend. The StingRays continue to provide, fun wholesome entertainment and great music that myself and many others will always continue to enjoy.
Best to all
Bruce P.

Hey you guys!
Not only do you rock.... but you are some of the sweetest guys I know. See you soon. Love,

Merry Christmas to the band and your families. May God bless you all with happy and safe holidays!
Joe S. and family
Elmhurst - 12/20/05

It was great seeing you guys and ladies earlier this month at Border Books. Hope to catch you playing soon. Take care.
PS... Love that archived picture of "ladies night out!"

My husband and I saw your band over the weekend Sat. 11/5/05. We came late to Skuddlebutts in Downers Grove, IL. We were touched by how friendly the band member with the blonde hair was. He gave me a "grabber". We laughed over that. I also danced one dance with a woman by the name of Sue. I take it, the group knows the band well! We had a wonderful time! Wish we would have come earlier in the evening. We have seen the StingRays at the Manhattan bar and grill also. We will see you again! Thanks for going out of your way to make two strangers comfortable.
Laura B.

I luv your Halloween pics... everyone looks great I'm sooo sorry I missed it...You're a lot of fun....all of you...hope to see ya soon!
Luv, Debbers

Love you guys but don't you ever have any gigs in the north or northwest burbs?
Fran M

You guys look great in your costumes!!

Dwight and I had a great time on 9/17 traveling down to Milan, IL to see you. You guys are worth the trip. The weather was great and so was the crowd. See ya soon a little closer to home.
Cheri M
Hinsdale - 9/20/05

Great site, guys!
Tony G.

Would love to be on your email list for upcoming events.
You guys are great!

As the summer is coming to an end - we've had the BEST OF TIMES with the Stingrays and the great group of people who we have enjoyed all the outdoor fests with and have shared those "precious 2:30 to 4:30am moments" at one of the all- night restaurants after the gigs. WHAT FUN! But we only have more and exciting times to look forward to... GUYS, KEEP ROCKIN' - YOU ARE THE BEST! Kudos to Sue for the great pics on this site. They really "capture" the magic!!!
Love ya all!
Sue S.
Schaumberg - 8/15/05

I saw you perform last night and YOU ARE ALL GREAT!!! Looking fwd to Festival of the Vine.
Linda J.
DeKalb - 8/5/05

Hey guys, I saw you in Carol Stream you all played with the “Neverly Brothers” what a great sound you have. I am truly a lover of all the oldies my parents turned me on to. I see you're playing at Manhattan’s on Friday it is around the corner from me I would love to meet you. I will bring some of my crazy friends. Rock on!
Robin A.

Hey guys! I had a great time at Elmfest and I look forward to seeing you play this summer. Sorry I did not stick around for the whole show but I am glad I won the twist contest. Loved the beads by the way. Take care and hope to see you soon!

i saw you guys in concert in Albion at the Chain O' Lakes festival... you rocked!!! i think you would do really well in Ligonier at the festival in September. I listen to your cd every day...its awesome...thanks for being so cool and keeping real music alive...

Hey can't Wait till Friday's Concert in St. Charles Lincoln Park!
Stefanie A

We are glad to hear you guys packed the house. Look forward to seeing you more over the summer.
Schaumberg - 5/23/05

Go get em' you guys.....YOUR the best......Show them how you rock!!!!! Best Wishes for that night, sorry I will not be able to attend, but you will be in my thoughts and I have to wait for the pictures on the Web...
Janet S.
Lake Zurich - 5/19/05

Hey you sold the Willowbrook Ballroom out - NO tickets left - not even at the door
Great job
Dennis and Margaret

It was great to see you at Skuddlebutts last Saturday night, especially so close to home. Hope it will be a new place for a long time. Thanks for helping to celebrate Dwight's 60th birthday, it was fun. Almost time for summer and all the outdoor fests.
Cheri M.
Hinsdale - 4/19/05

It was great seeing you guys again at Skuddlebutts Sat. night. Had a great time... as always. See you again soon!
Bill S.
Indiana - 4/18/05

Dear StingRays - Enjoyed the pictures. You're right, life has become too hectic and stressful. After a long work week, you guys are a sure cure. I've enjoyed and continue to enjoy your music since I first learned about your group years ago at Rookies. It brings back many memories with terrific songs. It's not just the music, it's also the fun of listening to your commentaries during your performances. Don't forget to put "I've Had It" by the Bellnotes on your to do list! It was kind of a forgotten oldie that was a hit in 1959. It's often how I feel on Friday afternoon. I continue to look forward to listening and relaxing to your music. Hope to see you guys soon.
A devoted StingRay enthusiast, Bruce
Bruce P.
St. Charles - 4/18/05

Hi Frank! We had a BLAST (favorite expression of Ron's) on Saturday night!! Congratulations on packing the house! I hope it leads to many more. You guys sounded great and are always a lot of fun! Always good to see some band guests add support (Danny & Mark) See you Friday.
Thomas S.
Schaumberg - 4/18/05

Every time I see you guys, you get better! Does that mean you started out lousy? LOL Just kidding....Keep playin' the good stuff guys.. hey Ron, can't wait to see that old Ford of yours. Love those hats Frank....See you guy's at Skuddlebutts in Downers Grove very soon...Be well fellas....
Bob S.
Waukegan - 3/27/05

Nice looking t-shirts! We appreciate the availability of 2-X sizes, and we hope you'll consider making the classic logo t-shirts available in aqua blue with white lettering, not just white shirts with black lettering. Thanks, and Happy New Year.
Joe and Judie

Hi, Guys and Frank the keyboard player, it was fun listening to you guys. My friends and I really enjoyed your group and we will be coming to Manhattans to hear your band once again. You are nice and cute, Sincerely,
Linda S.

You guys are fantastic! I loved the show! Your showmanship was amazing and the music was even better! WOW. Tell the "Blues Brothers" to move over... Here come the Sting Rays! Did I mention that Kyle rocks? My nephew, Tyler has found a new hero!
Scott H.
Fairfield, Iowa

Hi. Thank you so much for your lively, fun show in Fairfield. I travel to Illinois occasionally and will definitely check you out should you be performing close by. Please put me on your e-mail list.
Andrea F.
Fairfield, Iowa

Thanks for coming to Fairfield, Iowa. That was exactly what we needed. At least half the audience was right up front dancing. I loved the songs and the way you played and sang them. Great interaction with the audience. The music went great with the car show. Please come again some time!
Astrid H.
Fairfield, Iowa

HI GUYS! Hey what a really fun night back at the Manhattan Club. This is by far the best place to see you play. I will try the food next time I am there. Will try to make another show soon. Take care guys!
Dundee, IL

The guy on the keyboards is kind of cute.
Barbara D.
Raleigh, NC

Just wanted to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed your show at the Odon Old Settlers. You put on a really good show. We hope that one day you'll be back down here again. Wishing you the best of luck.
Wayne & Lisa G.
Odon, Indiana

Hey, it's about time you all got a guest book!!! It was great seeing you in McHenry on Sunday, it's always great to see you. Mark did a great job on keyboards, hope Frank is having a good time and returns soon.
Cheri M
Hinsdale, IL

I have your two CD's -- "Electric Sea" and "Walk The Plank" and just wanted to tell you how great they are. We listen to them when we are driving in our car. You guys are terrific. We enjoyed seeing you at Palos Fest. Keep on rockin' and rolling.
Barbara S.
Orland Park, IL

Being a true "child of the 50's", I've gotta tell you your rendition of Booker T & the Mg's "Time Is Tight" was as if you were listening to the original recording! Looked up your schedule... My wife and our neighbors will be there! Thanks.
Ken & Phyllis W.
Addison, IL

We watched and participated in your performance in Chicago at our ILRLCA Family Night in July 2003 - you were superb! I read all your emails so I know where you are performing and although we haven't made it yet, we will never forget you, and hope someday to be able to make a show. You are absolutely fabulous! Keep up the great music.
Melinda H.
Decatur IL

As a photographer that shoots a lot of the bands in the Chicago area I have to say when I just want to go out and relax and enjoy a great band I can think of no other band that I like to go out and see. The StingRays put on a great show and sing all of the classic hits I enjoy. I wish them all the best and I highly recommend them as a band that one must see. Keep up the great work.
Morris "Moe" T.
Skokie, Illinois

Hi....great to hear from u....enjoyed ur show at the Palos Hills Fest. Tks for treating us to a great concert which in turn made for a fun evening. Looking forward to seeing ur group again soon. Take Care,
JoAnn O.
Jul 20, 2004

I have been following you for several years and always look forward to seeing you. I always wondered, who has more fun, you guys when you play, or the people watching! Guess it is a toss up! Keep having fun! Hugs!
Margie B.
Schaumburg, IL
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