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John D's Corner  
John D our guitarist
“Nobody makes money playing a guitar,” said his high school music teacher. “Come see my band this Saturday. I’m getting paid,” StingRay John D told him. He was 17 and his mom had to vouch from him at the club. An early bloomer all around, he knew he loved music before he was four. The youngest of nine brothers and sisters, he listened to their collections of British Invasion, ‘60s music, and the Beatles -- some on 8-track. He got his first guitar at 13 from an older brother. “Once you pick up the guitar, you don’t ever want to put it down,” says John D. He hasn’t. He still plays with his friend from first grade and moves comfortably between StingRays rock & roll, blues and rock-a-billy. When he’s not playing, he’s enjoying his vintage car and his motorcycle collection.

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