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John Q's Corner  
John Q
StingRays Keyboardist John Q’s musical career began at the movies. “I was always singing and making up tunes in my head,” he says. Then he WON piano lessons on a field trip to the movies! “I kept it up,” he says understatedly. By simply ‘keeping it up,’ John played the coolest places in 1960s Chicago during the most exciting time in Rock & Roll, studied music in college, taught organ and guitar for 35 years and wrote about music for Triad Magazine. “It was a great way to meet a lot of the rock and roll greats roll greats like Phil Collins, YES, Roger Daltrey, and the Beach Boys." Not just a rocker, John’s been a lover of Latin music since high school. When he isn’t ‘keeping it up’ by laying down exciting 1960’s piano & guitar (and still singing) with the StingRays, you’ll find him dancing to the Bossa Nova.

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