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the StingRays on the Radio  

StingRays on Radio
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Below are two radio interviews featuring Frank R. of the StingRays on PalCinema
Review of Across The Universe on PalCinema
Radio Interview
Dan of PalCinema
Dan of PalCinema
Frank R of the StingRays
Frank R of the StingRays
Review of I'm Not There on PalCinema
Radio Interview
The StingRays are not only performers of the Arts, but patrons of the Arts. Frank R. loves movies or film, if you prefer. So, when he isn't playing with the StingRays hes watching cool movies and talking about cool movies on the coolest podcast around -- PalCinema.

Below is a radio interview featuring the StingRays on Eye On The Community recorded May 30, 2007
Mike Kara Interview
Mike Kara
Meeting the StingRays
Music, Fans & Show
StingRays' future

5/30/07 - Edition of The Mike Kara Radio Show
Eye on The Community - copy by Mike Kara

The StingRays are just a great group of guys, playing music We all know and love. They are very skilled musicians as well as excellent performers. Yes!, performers. They are not the typical "so called" "oldies band" that just goes through the motions and needs to be woken up after the concert, as well as the audience. The StingRays really get the crowd moving. They love and respect their fans and really like to interact with them. They come out into the crowd and Frank and Danny with their guitars with actually play as they run past the audience. The two of them even once in a while will actually form a conga line, as Danny and Frank playing their guitars and the guests following behind them. You really can tell The StingRays love what they do. They put all their heart, all their soul in every single performance.

When I am asked to describe, the type of music The StingRays play, I will admit I find Myself telling people the answer is Oldies Music. However I tend not to look at it that way. It's not moldy oldies, blow so much dust off the record, You need a Claritin. The music they play is the Music of Yesteryear. The music that so many of us grew up with. And since I was born in 1973, I literally grew up with this music as Classic or Music of Yesteryear. Most of the music The StingRays play was "so-called" Oldies music when I was born. But the music is legendary, it's classic, it's just plain good. I can go and on, about all the kick butt music The StingRays play and I just might. But of course they cover Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Hollies, The Cryan Shames, The American Breed, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Herman's Hermits, The Ventures, The Buckinghams, The Shadows of Night, Ricky Nelson, just to name a few.

The guys are available to provide entertainment and fun at Your next event. Weddings, Birthday parties, anniversaries, etc. Please check out Their website at http://www.thestingrays.com, if You would like to book them, as well as listen to their music.

Frank R, Frank D, Danny and Ron come together as one as The StingRays rockin down the house, every single concert.

All four guys serve as front man. The lot of them are the front man, or front men. I have to say, that they seen to equally sing all the songs amongst the four of them. They all take turns singing, so no particular StingRay is known as "The Singer". When paying tribute to all these artists, they try to get the authentic sound, both vocally and musically. They try to stay true to the original artist, in that they do not do odd or twisted versions of the song. They try to preserve that original magic found in the sound.

The StingRays really do create some toe tapping music. I Myself once in while will actual play along with drinking straws or forks, there may even been picture of that taken by Sue. I just feel in the music so deep in My Heart, so deep in My soul, I just have to grab two forks laying around and tap to the beat. I do not hide My feelings when listening to music, I just let the spirit of the music take Me were it will, and as long a two guys in white coats do not come into Manhattan's American Bar and Grill in Carol Stream, Illinois and take Me away, I will continue to enjoy the music in My own way.

So The StingRays simply rock. They are four guys who just love the music. The are very skilled musicians, very skilled singers, very skilled performers, very skilled entertainers, very skilled artists, and most of all are very skilled friends.

The StingRays for President - 2008. Because if they are as good as running the Country, as they are Musicians, performers, singers, entertainers, and friends, then the Country is in pretty good shape!!!!!!!!

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